Nike Camp: Minor Dominates Early

INDIANAPOLIS--The Star of the Day so far has been Taurean "Tack" Minor, a 5'11" point guard from Houston. The best way to describe his game is with one single word: dominance. No one played as well as Minor did in today's afternoon five-on-five sessions. In fact, it wasn't even close. Tack Minor was The Man.

No one approached the level of dominance that Minor did this afternoon in the five-on-five games. In fact, he is so good that he can literally decide WHEN to take over the game. Any time, any score. He can get his team back in the game or even win it for them, like he did today.

After scoring at least 20 points on an array of pull-up jumpers in the lane and off of slashes to the basket on penetration, Minor capped off his day with a driving one-handed floater in the lane with :03 left in the game to give his team a dramatic 84-83 win.

Everyone watching him knew where the ball was going and still they were helpless to stop him. Well, actually, I think it might be best to try and slow him before before you can begin to even entertain the thought of stopping him. It might not be possible.

Cincinnati head coach Bob Huggins sat courtside and witnessed his star prospect's performance. He was not disappointed. I sat with RubenD, of message board fame, and what he had to say about Minor probably summed it up best.

"Everyone recruiting (Minor) is REALLY happy now," he said. "And everyone NOT recruiting him is now trying to think of a way to guard him."

When Minor hit a baseline three-pointer from the left corner, Rube and I looked at each other and simply said, "not fair". If Tack Minor can hit the three ball consistently to go along with his unbelievable penetrating ability, he will be unguardable. Period.

{Extensive notes and the night's five-on-five game recaps to come later...}

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