Day One recap at Nike: Rankings and Notes

INDIANAPOLIS--There's so much to write about that it will take all month to finally say it all but here's a good place to start with the top performers on Day One at the Nike All-America camp in Indy. It wasn't very hard to see who the best of the best players were but finding those valuable hidden gems was quite a bit more difficult. We try to show you both types in this article.

Straight to the point, who were the best and/or most impressive prospects on Day One at Nike's All-America camp here in Indy? Like I did earlier, this will be an original list called the Splendid Nine and there is one from all three of the Cattracks staffers on location at IUPUI's campus (Doug Carr, RubenD and Ben Hansen).

And begin…

Ben's List
1. Tack Minor, 5-10, 186 PG (Houston)
2. Chris Paul, 5-11, 163 PG (Clemmons, NC)
3. Derek Raivio, 6-1, 149 PG (Vancouver, WA)
4. Ndudi Ebi, 6-7, 192 WF (Houston)
5. Kris Humphries, 6-8, 226 WF (Minnetonka, MN)
6. Ronaldo Balkman, 6-6, 193 SF (Bradenton, FL)
7. Rodrick Stewart, 6-4, 196 SG (Seattle)
8. Luol Deng, 6-7, 221 PF (Blairstown, NJ)
9. Shannon Brown, 6-1, 191 SG (Maywood, IL)

Doug's List
1. Ndudi Ebi
2. Kris Humphries
3. Michael Bush, 6-2, 239 G/F (Louisville, KY)
4. Brandon Bell, 5-10, 178 PG (Flint, MI)
5. Rodrick Stewart
6. Chris Paul
7. Longar Longar, 6-9, 197 PF (Rochester, MN)
8. Shannon Brown
9. Luol Deng

RubenD's List
1. Shannon Brown
2. Tack Minor
3. Chris Paul
4. Vakeaton Wafer, 6-4, 203 G/F (Lisbon, LA)
5. Derek Raivio
6. Andrew Lavender, 5-7, 143 PG (Columbus, OH)
7. Luol Deng
8. Ndudi Ebi
9. Jeremy Ingram, 6-2, 184 SG (Kinston, NC)

Other rising seniors we liked today:
Kamron Taylor, 6-0, 170 PG (Minneapolis)
Marcus Hammond, 6-1, 173 SG (Memphis)
Devon Evertsen, 6-6, 181 SF (Phoenix)
Steve Neal, 6-3, 175 SG (Minneapolis)
Anthony Harris, 5-11, 163 SG (Chicago)
Gary Ervin, 5-11, 166 PG (Brooklyn, NY)
Ryan Appleby, 6-2, 153 PG (Stanwood, WA)

Comments from Cattracks about some of the players and their performances today:
*Rodrick Stewart carries a little trampoline in his pocket that he pulls out and uses. –RubenD (on Rod Stewart's hops).
*My sentimental favorite player of the day was 7-3, 337-pound center Jerry Sokolowski from Toronto, Ontario. The guy is HUGE and has hands like icy flubber, but when he gets the ball near the basket, it's going in…if he doesn't drop it, of course. Honestly though, I liked this kid. –Ben (on Giants).

{Much more to come soon...)

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