ABCD Camp Breakdown, Day One

TEANECK, NJ--Cattracks welcomes back talent scout and part-time correspondent Aaron Jones with his analysis of Day One at the Adidas ABCD camp in Teaneck, New Jersey. Some new names have come to the fore thanks to stellar play by some younger prospects. But don't think that this will all be about new faces, there was plenty to talk about with the established stars as well. I'll let Aaron Jones take it from here...

First of all, there isn't one guy here who stands out and just "wow's" you. There are a lot of really good players, just none that are must-see.

Brian Butch (7-0, 215 F/C) wasn't here today but he'll get in (Tuesday) and play on the same team with Mustafa Shakur (6-3, 180 PG), who was pretty good today. He didn't shoot the ball very well but boy can he pass it.

Shakur won't be able to compete for a spot on the final Junior USA team starting next Sunday in Miami because he has a summer class to take care of. Also, the buzz on Shakur is that Arizona is definitely the team to beat with Villanova very close behind along with NC State.

I'll just write what I jotted down in my notes the rest of the way with additional comments when necessary.

*Robert Swift (7-0, 250 Soph C) from Bakersfield, California is going to be a very good talent. He plays hard all the time, rebounds well and is a real good person. He's a legit seven-footer and he's not awkward. He's a presence down low and he attempts to block every single shot that comes into the lane. I was very impressed with Swift.

*Kendrick Perkins (6-11, 225 F/C) is a very good inside player but he'll not go to college.

*Aaron Brooks (5-11, 170 PG) is a nice little point guard. He's small and reminds me of that Jason Fontenot from Phoenix a couple years back, but Brooks is a better shooter and just better overall.

*Curtis Allen, a lefthanded point guard from Long Beach is not a bad prospect at all.

*Kelvin Davis (6-4, 185 SG) from Waterbury, Connecticut is one heck of an athlete. He's a big time prospect to watch in the future.

*I liked Bryce Taylor (6-4, 177 SG) from Encino, California and I liked Thomas Gardner (6-3, 180 SG) from Portland also.

*Shaun Livingston (6-6, 167 PG) is going to be a junior next year in Peoria, Illinois. He's a point guard and he's really good. He needs to add muscle but he's a great passer and he sees the floor exceptionally well.

*LaMarcus Aldridge is a 6-11, 215 big man from Dallas and he's got some nice potential.

*Here's the guy that came closest to blowing me away: Marvin Williams from Bremerton, Washington. He's 6-7, 205 and plays the three (small forward) spot. He is a VERY good prospect and everyone will recruit him, and I'm sure that means Arizona as well. In fact, Lute (Olson) and his staff would be crazy NOT to recruit this kid. They are going to have to go after him because he's making a name for himself very quickly here.

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