Schu Strings: We know the refs are bad

Obligatory disclaimer: The following edition of Schu Strings features language that might not be suitable for all readers. Well ok, it actually includes one word repeated over and over and over, but it still might rub some the wrong way.

I have come to grips with my lack of recruiting knowledge. So during the month of July, which is a biggie for Wildcat basketball fans, and most notably the many viewers of material and message board conversations, I will leave everything related to recruiting to the folks who know. Doug Carr, Ben Hansen and Brad Allis are making the sojourns to a number of summer tournaments. They will see the players and provide outstanding analysis and insight for those interested in the soap opera that is basketball recruiting.

Not that I have anything against soap operas. Remember, I'm the guy who watches wrestling, which really hasn't been very good at all lately.

Anyway, while the Cat Tracks gang talks recruiting, barring any late-breaking items, I'll take the remainder of July to share some topics of annoyance for me that we field on the Wildcat basketball postgame show on KNST.

A few weeks ago, I touched on one subject in regards to Lute Olson's induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Because of what was perceived as a snub, a fair amount of callers would rehash this issue over and over and over.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, for host Ryan Radtke and I, there are a few other topics that seem to return to the forefront from time to time. For instance, some of our callers seem incapable of believing Arizona has actually lost a game. Instead, the blame falls on poor officiating.

Here's a typical conversation.

Radtke: "Cats drop a seven-point decision. Lines are open, 880-KNST, 880-5678. Gerald, you're on KNST."
Gerald: "Hey Ryan, hey Schu. Tough loss tonight, but let's be honest, if the officials hadn't have made that horrible charging call with three minutes to go, this game would have been totally different."
Radtke: "You're not going to blame this loss on the officials."
Gerald: "Well, yes Ryan I am. They cost us this game."

And so it goes. Of course, there are callers who say the officiating isn't an excuse, then go on to name the questionable calls they believe affected the game's outcome.

So one night I had had enough, and went on something of a rant. For those still reading, this is the part where the perhaps offensive language kicks in. You have been warned.

Schu: "Here's the deal people. Pac-10 officials suck. You think they suck. Cal fans think they suck. UCLA fans think they suck. USC fans think they suck. Stanford fans think they suck. At Oregon, they think Pac-10 refs suck. Why? Because they suck. You know it, I know it, everyone in this listening audience knows it. So shut up about how they suck. This conference has had sucky officiating for as long as any of us can remember. They're sucky because they're inconsistent, they're sucky because they're arrogant, they're sucky because somehow they think fans are there to watch them instead of the game. And most importantly, they're sucky because they suck.

"Now you'd think a former coach like Lou Campenelli, who berated ref suckiness on a regular basis when he stormed the sidelines at Cal, would be able to correct the overall suckiness of Pac-10 officiating. Instead, he's just a corporate suck-up. And how sucky is that? So here's what to do. Don't call us and tell us the refs suck. We know they suck. Everybody knows they suck. Perhaps you can start a petition and send it to the Pac-10 offices or something. Call it the Pac-10 refs really suck petition. I suspect it would be one of the few times Pac-10 fans banded together for a greater good."

But then again, assuming I'll be part of the postgame show next year, maybe the occasional bad officiating postgame show call will be beneficial. After all, we might be talking about our fair share of 30-point Wildcat blowouts, night after night after night. And how sucky is that?

Speaking of sucky, why is it that Hollywood seems bent on screwing up a good thing? Four examples of movies coming out the next couple weeks: all with great possibilities, ruined by elements of suckiness.

To begin, Reign of Fire hits theaters Friday. Dragons attack London. That's really good. Matthew McConaughey. Sucky. Tyra Banks. Really good.

Another Halloween movie. Sucky.

On July 19, we have a movie starring Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford is good. Harrison Ford as a Russian sub commander, complete with bad "I really usually live on a big farm in Idaho but now I'm speaking with a Russian accent" accent. Sucky.

Eight Legged Freaks. Giant spiders. Good. David Arquette stars in a movie produced by the dudes who brought us Independence Day and blasphemed Godzilla. Sucky, sucky, mongo-sucky.

To this I say, lo, the frustration.

Any good recruiting news out there?

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