Bayless saga takes another turn

It looks as if the Jerryd Bayless saga has taken a new turn. After many weeks of speculation and rumor about Bayless' commitment status with Aizona, things have begun to get clearer. The story is a long ways from being decided, it has gotten a lot more interesting.

According to a number of sources close to the recruitment, Jerryd Bayless has begun telling people that he is decommitting from the Wildcats. Bayless has begun telling various media sources about his plans to explore other options.

What makes the story even more interesting is that many of these same sources indicate they had heard that the Wildcat coaching staff was close to giving Bayless an ultimatum to either publicly reaffirm his commitment to the Cats or else the Wildcats would start seriously pursuing other guards. The sources were not clear if Bayless and any of the Wildcat coaches had spoken or if such an ultimatum was given.

The Wildcats had begun pursuing other guards when rumors of Bayless starting to waver first surfaced last month. Expect that pursuit to intensify now.

What is unclear is whether Bayless is still considering the Wildcats and whether or not Lute Olson would leave the door open for Bayless' return. In years past Olson has been hesitant to allow players who spurned the program a second chance.

It is not known what schools Bayless is currently considering but Texas is thought to be among the top candidates for his services.

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