Matt Simpkins has a leader

Matt Simpkins is an intriguing prospect but one teams have been a little wary about. He's a long, athletic big man who has a ton of potential and the raw skills to develop. He's also a player with some academic issues. Those may no longer be a problem as Simpkins is attempting to reclassify as a 2008 player.

More than likely Simpkins will be playing at a prep school next year if he wants to reclassify. Although he did not play his freshman year, California does not let players reclassify.

Simpkins is a 6-9, mobile player with a lot of ability. The two events that I have seen him he played very well but in an unstructured environment. At the Cactus Classic, he played with the P Miller Ballers, a team that likes to run and gun. The Ballers were talented but tried to mesh a lot of players who had not played together before. When they went against less talented team they dominated. Games quickly dissolved into dunk-fests and Simpkins was able to strut his stuff.

The Pangos All-American camp also lacks a lot of structure. Teams get out and run and rarely set up in the half court. Simpkins showed that he can get up and down the floor and throw it down with the best of them. He looks athletic enough and that he has a good enough grasp of the game that he should be able to function just fine in a more structured offense.

Right now he really likes Arizona, but we've heard he grew up as a big UConn fan.

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