Cats Land Top Signal Caller

In each of the first three springs since Mike Stoops took over the Arizona program he and his staff has been able to land a significant commitment around the time of the camps. Two years ago it was Willie Tuitama and Eben Britton and last year it was Colin Baxter. Those three committed right after the camp and now you can add another very significant camper for the Class of 2007.

Hawaii quarterback Bryson Beirne attended the Arizona camp on Sunday and on Tuesday he is officially a Wildcat.

"I called Coach (Mike) Canales earlier and committed to the University of Arizona," said the Mid-Pacific Institute standout. "Coach Canales was really excited and happy. He said that he was really happy to have me on board and he was really happy with the decision that I made. After that I called Coach (Mike) Stoops and he was the same way, he was really excited and ecstatic too."

Like Tuitama two years ago, Beirne said that one thing stuck out as the reason to commit to Arizona so quickly after visiting for the camp.

"Really the main thing was comfort," he said. "I just felt really comfortable with the school and the city and especially with the coaches. I know that I will be taken care of when I go there and it is the perfect fit for me for the next five years of my life."

While in Tucson Bryson was able to hang out and talk with the aforementioned Tuitama for about an hour. It was an hour well spent according to Beirne.

"I spent maybe 45 minutes to an hour talking with him," Beirne commented. "Willie is just a real good guy and he told me everything I needed to know about the school. I asked him about the school and especially about the coaches and he had nothing but good things to say. I asked him about Coach Canales and he said that he was the main reason he decided to go to Arizona and that stuck out to me, he is a great coach."

Being from Hawaii Beirne was recruited by Arizona Defensive Tackles coach Mike Tuiasosopo and again, Bryson had nothing but great things to say.

"Coach Tui man, that's my brother right there," he said with a laugh. "Since May I have text messaged him and called him and he is just a real good guy. We really get along well and he just is real honest about everything and he is always real with me. He treats me like person and not a recruit; he is a real good guy."

Developing a relationship with your Offensive Coordinator is important for a young quarterback and so far so good as far as Bryson is concerned.

"I really respect Coach Canales a lot," he said. "He has coached some great quarterbacks like Phillip Rivers and Chad Pennington and just look at what he did for Willie in his freshman year. Willie had great year. Willie told me that Coach Canales is real honest and he always keeps it real and that he cares about his guys and that much is clear after spending time with him. I know that he is a good coach and I feel like he is the perfect coach for me."

After his junior season Bryson had major surgery on his knee that he is just about fully recovered from. He wanted to add a message into his commitment story to acknowledge everyone that helped him.

"I wanted to thank my parents because they went through a lot with me after my injury," he said. "They were great through the whole thing and they just went through so much and helped m so much. I also wanted to thank my physical therapist and my doctor that fixed my leg. They were all great. If it wasn't for all of them then this day never would have come."

Bryson is the first public commitment for the 2007 class. He joins Willie Tuitama and Tyler Lyon as the first three quarterbacks of the Stoops/Canales era of Arizona Football.

We will have more on Beirne soon including some highlights of his day at the Arizona Camp.

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