2008 Profile: Anthony Jones

Recruiting can be a tricky business. Offer a scholarship too early and risk getting stuck with a player who does not develop. Offer too late and you risk not being able to get involved. In recent years the Arizona staff has done a great job evaluating young talent and being there from the start.

Arizona hopes that their strategy of offering early works again. They recently offered a scholarship to rising 2008 forward Anthony Jones. It was the first offer but not the last. The 6-9 player from Yates HS in Houston seems to be garnering offers weekly.

"Really Arizona is recruiting me," Jones said when asked who was on him the hardest. "Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, a few others."

Tennessee, Baylor and Texas A&M have all been mentioned in conjunction with Jones.

Scouts seem to be torn on whether he is a wing player or a face-up big man. With his height and wing span, it looks like Jones best days will be at the four. He has decent timing on his shot blocking and is getting better at hitting the glass. He has the athleticism and quickness to do some damage on the perimeter, but if he keeps growing he'll be a post.

"I'm really a face-up player," Jones said. "I can shoot a little bit."

He admits that he needs to get stronger and there is no doubt that with his slight frame 10-20 pounds of muscle would do him a lot of good. Some added strength could make him even more effective down low and that could push him way up the rankings.

Jones was in Tucson for the Cactus Classic and liked what he saw in Tucson. He did express some concern about the heat but did like the fact that there was not as much humidity as his hometown.

Although he is boasting some impressive offers, he's still waiting on a few schools. He admits to being a North Carolina fan and is also very intrigued with Duke.

"I'm going to wait awhile," Jones said. "I'll see if I get my dream schools to offer."

A member of the Houston Hoops, Jones knows players at a number of the schools recruiting him, including Arizona. Already those players are in his ear and touting their respective programs.

Expect Jones to continue to rack up offers, but don't expect him to choose one any time soon.

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