Three Wildcats apprehend a thief

All too often the summer is filled with bad stories about football players. In the past week one college and one NFL player were arrested for domestic abuse, while Pittsburg quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was in a terrible motorcycle accident. With all of this negative press it is refreshing to find out that three Wildcat football players thwarted a robbery near campus.

It started out as an ordinary night for Terry Longbons. He went to Campus Athletic to pick his girlfriend up from work. He got there shortly before closing and was waiting as one patron went up to the counter to purchase a few items. Just when the person began the transaction another person scooped up a load of Wildcat football jerseys and bolted out the front door.

"I saw the guy with his arms full of jerseys and I gave chase," Longbons said.

Longbons, a freshman running back from Phoenix, followed the would be thief and chased him around the block.

At the same time the perpetrator was leading Longbons on a footrace down an alley, fellow Wildcat football players Willie Tuitama and Adrian McCovy emerged from another store across the street from Campus Athletic on University Blvd. As the quarterback and linebacker were exiting, they saw their teammate chasing a man with an armful of No. 1 football jerseys.

"We saw this guy running with jerseys in his arms and we saw Terry (Longbons) chasing him," Tuitama said. "We didn't really think about it, we just started running s after Terry." Longbons chased the thief around the building, eventually he dropped the loot but the three football players were able to cut him off and detain him.

"Willie and I didn't hesitate, we ran and cut him off," McCovy said. "It was crazy."

Police did not arrest the man but the merchandise was returned to the store.

"The guy that owns the store said that he wanted to do something nice for us but he can't because of the NCAA," Tuitama said. "That's alright though, I mean I am glad that we could help the guy out, we don't need or want anything from him. I am glad we could help out."

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