Advanced Skills Camp Concludes

The Lute Olson Advanced Skills Camp wrapped up the on-court portion of the camp early Saturday morning. Although the players still had a question and answer session ahead of them, their last chance to strut their stuff on the court concluded with more drills and more scrimmaging.

The team of the day was made up of Alex Jacobson, Laval Lucas-Perry, Luke Babbitt, Chase Budinger and Kamyron Brown. The fivesome won all five games that they played. After a tough 7-5 win over a team with Jamelle Horne, Nic Wise, Zane Johnson, Jeff Withey and Tucsonan Enoch Andoh they dispatched of their next four opponents, including a 5-0 shutout over a team made up of only younger players.

There is not much more that can be said about Budinger. The athletic wing can shoot, slash, rebound and pass. He is not a finished product by Arizona standards but he will see plenty of time next year despite the presence of older wing players.

Jordan Hill has added nearly 15 pounds in his two weeks in Tucson. He has taken very well to the strength and conditioning program and it has made a nearly instant impact in his game. He showed off some new moves that I have not seen before and was as aggressive as I have ever seen him. If he continues to progress a redshirt season may not be on the menu.

I don't know what more I can say about Babbitt. The power forward can do everything except jump out of the gym. He can shoot, drive, board, defend and even has a nice feel for passing. He's tough, but athletic and takes very well to coaching. The Wildcats seem to be in good shape and that is a good thing if you are a fan of the program.

Lucas-Perry raised his stock at the camp. The Cats could not help but become enamored with the incredibly athletic guard. A top ranked football prospect, Lucas-Perry has a very strong build. We also heard that he is quite a tennis player, so you can imagine what kind of athlete he is. His parents were on hand and all indication is that the Michigan native really enjoyed his stay. He's got a nice feel for the game and showed a diverse offensive package.

Clint Ambury, a 6-9 power forward from Los Alamitos, had a solid camp. He may have played well enough to warrant another look over the summer. He may be a nice back-up plan if some of the other high profile bigs look elsewhere.

Demar DeRozan has the size and athleticism to be a pretty interesting prospect but has a long way to go in terms of development. With some hard work he could shoot up the rankings but he has to want it.

Lukovic Uros is seven-footer from Serbia who attended the Friday morning session. His father is a scout for the Suns and has some skills but he may be too raw to draw a lot of attention from the Wildcats.

Did Zane Johnson do enough to warrant an offer? I am not sure. He showed a nice ability to pass and work in the half court offense but his shot was inconsistent and he is not stellar in the up-tempo game. I still like his game quite a bit but I'm just not sure he had the camp he needed to have.

Talk around the camp was the Jeremy Tyler, the 2010 prospect, is tight with Jamelle Horne and enjoyed his time in Tucson. Despite the fact that he is raw and needs a lot of coaching, Tyler was among the top-10 players in the camp.

Wildcat Insider will have additional, more detailed evaluations over the next few days. We'll also update you on some of the top younger players and any recruiting updates that emerge from the camp.

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