WildcatInsider Reader Survey

Wildcat Insider is always looking to improve the content on our site. While we feel we tap in well to our customers' needs, we love getting your feedback. Please take the time to fill out this reader survey so we can better deliver University of Arizona Athletics coverage. Oh, and if that is not enough, 10 folks will receive autographed merchandise.

The survey is designed to create a demographic model of the Wildcat Insider reader and to find out what is important on the site and what you may want to see added to the site. All information will be kept confidential and no one other than the staff will be privy to individual answers.


We have a variety of autographed items from former Wildcat standouts and current Wildcat coaches. We will draw 10 names out of a hat at random for these prizes.


Please cut and past the survey and send it to Brad.Allis@gmail.com




1. What Is Your Age?


A. Under 19

B. 18-34

C.  35-54

D. 55 & Over



2. What Is Your Highest Level Of Education?


A. High School Graduate

B. Some College

C. College Graduate

D.  Post Graduate



3. I Am A:


A. Male

B. Female



4. What Is Your Household Income?


A. Under $25,000

B. $25-50,000

C. $50,-100,000

D. $100,000+



5. Where Do You Live?


A. Tucson

B. Phoenix

C. Other (please specify)_____________________






1. How Did You Learn About The Site?


A. Word Of Mouth

B. Advertising

C. FoxSports.Com/MSN.com

D. Yahoo.com

E. Other (please specify)__________________________________________________



On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all important" and 10 being "very important", please rank the importance of the following website features.


1. Free Front Page Stories:______

2. Premium Front Page Stories:_______

3. Football Content:_______

4. Basketball Content:_______

5. Other Sports:_______

6. Audio:_______

7. Video:_______

8. Open Message Boards:_______

9. Premium Message Boards:_______

10. National Content (i.e. Dave Telep, Frank Burlison, stories generated on other sites)______

11. Ability To Go To Other Sites On The Network:______

12. Access To Professional Sports Sites On The Network:_______

13. National Recruiting Database:_______

14. National Recruiting Sites:_______



On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all interested" and 10 being "very interested", please rank who interested you'd be into Wildcat Insider adding these features.


1. Podcats:_____

2. Women's Basketball Recruiting:_______

3. Additional Baseball Coverage:______

4. Video Interviews:_____

5. Additional Coverage of Other Non-Revenue Sports:_____

6. Other (Please Specify)____________________________________________


On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all important" and 10 being "very important", please rank what you would like to see in a Wildcat Sports Magazine.


1. Football Features/Interviews:______

2. Football Analysis/Preview:_____

3. Football Recruiting:_____

4. Basketball Features/Interviews:______

5. Basketball Analysis/Preview:_____

6. Basketball Recruiting:_____

7. Baseball:_____

8. Women's Basketball:_____

9. Golf:_____

10. Softball:____

11. Volleyball:_____

12. Swimming:_____

13. Track & Field:_____

14. Gymnastics:_____

15. Soccer:_____

16. Behind The Scenes Profiles:_____

17. Human Interest Stories:_____

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