Beirne Opens eyes but is "all Wildcat"

When the Wildcat coaching staff got a commitment from their quarterback to be, they didn't know exactly what they were getting. Even though the young gunslinger worked out at the U of A Elite camp and was impressive enough to earn an offer, there was still some questions. Well after a recent camp in Hawaii there are no longer any questions about the talented young Hawaiian.

Arizona quarterback commit Bryson Beirne ended a very impressive camp performance in Hawaii. The camp was much more than a football camp, it was a camp about the future of the kids in attendance and most importantly, for Beirne at least, it was about his future.

"I think the camp was really awesome," Beirne said. "They gave us a lot of lectures on different things. They talked about the NCAA Clearinghouse and a whole bunch of things. Each day there was a lecture on a topic and then the rest of the time we spent on the football field doing drills."

The camp was a mixture of positional drills and also included a 7 on 7 tournament. What made this special for Beirne was who he was coached by during the entire camp.

"(Arizona Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks) Coach (Mike) Canales was here as one of the coaches at the camp," Bryson admitted. "It was great having him here. I got to work with him the entire time and he taught me so much. He has already made me a better quarterback. We worked on my play action and everything; I am just a much better quarterback after the camp."

During the 7 on 7 Tournament Beirne led his team to the title game and led a special drive to put them in position to win the title.

"It was great at the end," he said. "We got the ball with like 40 seconds left and we just nickel and dimed down the field to put ourselves in position to win. With four seconds left we had some guys run underneath routes and we had a fade called and I used all of the time I had. I threw the ball at the last second, literally, and I threw it to the corner pylon and the receiver made a great catch. After that we had to go for two to tie the game and we had the play that we wanted but the cornerback just barely nipped the ball and we ended up losing 15-13."

The best part of the final drive for Beirne wasn't the drive or the comeback, it was the connection that he had with his future coach.

"Coach Canales called all the plays on the drive and we were on the same page the whole time," he admitted with a laugh. "It was great, I mean I almost knew what he wanted to call each play and we had a great drive. The defense was in a prevent type of defense and we took what they gave us and just moved the ball down the field. It was awesome. Coach Canales is a great coach and I absolutely can't wait to get to U of A."

During the camp Beirne says that he had a chance to mull over when he will take his official visit to Tucson.

"I want to visit for the USC game," he said. "If that doesn't work out then I want to visit when we play Washington on September 30th."

Mike Canales was not the only coach in attendance as there were a slew of coaches from other schools and according to Bryson; they all took notice of his performance. But even with coaches from other big name schools coming at him Beirne said that he knows where his future is.

"Oh man, coaches from UCLA and Colorado and Washington and I don't even know all of them that were there," he said. "I had a lot of the coaches saying things to me. It is nice to get noticed like that but I am all U of A and I am all Wildcat for sure. The hardest thing is waiting to get there, I just can't wait another year, and I want to get there now."

Beirne was also not shy about what he wants to do in the mean time as he bides his time until he gets to Tucson.

"I am definitely going to be calling a lot of the top guys and get them to go to U of A," Bryson admitted, again with a laugh. "I know I am going to call that big tight end, Rob Gronkowski and I want to call Everson (Griffen) and anybody else that we want. We have to get the best of the best because Arizona is going up and it is going to a fun ride."

Beirne will now take a little time of before gearing up for his senior season. will have weekly updates on Bryson and how his senior year unfolds.

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