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Since it is quickly becoming the norm for anybody and everybody to give their conference predictions we decided to do something a little differently. Two sites from rival schools have decided to put out our own media type poll.

DevilsDigest.com and WildcatInsider.com have each agreed to provide the predictions of four of the ‘major players' from each site's message boards. We will use the simple and widely used point system used by the Associated Press and everyone else who puts out polls. A first place prediction garners 10 points and on down the line with a tenth place finish garnering 1 single point.

The completely ridiculous DevilsDigest/WildcatInsider media poll will come out in three phases. Yeserday we unveiled the four Devils opinions and today we unveil the predictions of the four Wildcats. Tomorrow we will unveil the final tally between the two sites.

WildcatInsider.com Editor-In-Chief Brad Allis, Football Editor Chris Bonney, Moderator Bard Doster (Bard1) and super poster Justin Wollman (JusGusAZ) provide the Wildcats' side of the story.

Bard Doster

1—USC & Cal (tie, USC winning the breaker) - I see both having one loss at the end of the season, one of which is head to head. Sure this isn't a departure from what other pundits are saying, but in going through their spring prospectus', their depth charts and schedules; it just seems both are prepared to continue successful runs.

3—ASU - The two headed QB is a nice place to be, but I still don't think they have enough power to beat Cal's and SC's D. Possible, sure, but not likely as both are on the road.

4—Oregon, Stanford, Arizona (tie, Oregon breaker to finish 4th, Stanford 5th, Arizona 6th, all going bowling) - People seem to be waiting for Stanford to fall, but with a tough nosed veteran QB, I think they'll take care of business a few times this year. Not really liking the idea of facing a 3/4 defense either as they play to sub into a 4/3 3/4 rotation based on the situation. Oregon is going to struggle some early while it gets its feet under the tweaked offense and those hideous uniforms. However, I think they turn it on some near the middle of the season and finish strong. Arizona, well, I'll leave the in depth analysis to others, but I think our D will be stout and it will take some tweaking on the line to get going.

7—UCLA & WAZZU (tie, UCLA winning the breaker) - WSU could jump up and bite some big dogs this year. They were close last year, but couldn't come through. Brink is a veteran QB and their D should be okay, even though they lost Will Derting. UCLA is falling here. Doesn't mean they don't have talent, but they aren't really deep on the O-Line and losing Mercedes Lewis and Drew will be a hit that takes some time to overcome. We'll see that Dorrell got really lucky last year and he rolls snake eyes a couple more times this year.

9—Oregon State - But wait, they have a good running back, a veteran O-line and both of their special teams players....Yeah, but I don't think Riley and his staff can make a better QB out of Matt Moore. I feel for the Beavers, but Haas made Moore look better than he was, IMO.

10—Washington - One of Washington's strengths last year was offensive line. That is gone and all that is left is the shambles of a program Gilby left behind. Basically, think Arizona the first year Mike Stoops came. Can Washington win some games, yeah, but not without a QB they trust. Willingham pulled one out on AZ last year, but I don't see him being that lucky this year.

Brad Allis

1—USC - Vulnerable but the King until someone knocks them off.

2— Cal - A QB away from winning the league?

3— Ore - Must get good QB play to stay at the top.

4— ASU - If the defense improves they could be top-two.

5— UA - Were in all but two a year ago, if they learn to win watch out.

6— UCLA - Too many starters are gone, but schedule is favorable.

7— WSU - A lot of starters return, but how good are they?

8— Stan - Harris worked wonders a year ago.

9— UW - A year away for Tyrone and the crew.

10— OSU - Best 10th place team in any conference.

Justin Wollman

1—USC - This is the year SC jump on the back of their coach. New QB-RB, but still too talent for anything less than 1st place in the Pac-10 Exit- Back-to-back Heisman Quarterbacks Enter- Pete Carroll, earning his respect with any Heismans on the roster.

2—ASU (tie) - Top in the world in Passing with two skilled QBs, got some more help from JC and transfers defense should be better. This is the chance for ASU to take the crown from SC. Exit- Derek Hagan Enter- Keegan Herring.

3—Cal (tie by breaker) - Solid on both sides of the ball, defense secondary one of the tops in the nation, offense running backs galore. Exit- Joe Ayoob from starting position Enter- Healthy Nate Longshore.

4—Arizona (tie) - Arizona is going to be as good as their youth, but how good is their youth? If the Stoops can the defense going, watch out. Exit- Darrell Brooks Enter- Louis Holmes, Gabe Long, Yaniv Barnett, Jonathan Turner D-Line could be tops in the Pac-10 by year's end.

5—UCLA (tie by breaker) - The main part of their offense is gone to graduation, but still talented. Defense was weak last year. Exit- Maurice Drew Enter- Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker.

6—Oregon - 34.5 points in their switch to the spread offense but how good will a dual-headed QB scheme work? Exit- Kellen Clemens and Haloti Ngata Enter- RB Jonathan Stewart as the starter. 7—Oregon State (tie) - Good offense but had a problem finishing off games. Exit- Mike Hass Enter- JC QB Lyle Moevao.

8—Stanford (tie by breaker) - 5-6 under first year with Walt Harris, players now have an understanding of the system. Exit- lack of experience Enter- a year together under Walt Harris.

9—WAZZU - Good offense with Jerome Harrison, but he's gone and the Defense is still weak. Exit- Jerome Harrison Enter- nobody really, WAZZU's strength is developing their players.

10—Washington - 2 maybe 3 years out from being a competitive team. Exit- Craig Chambers Enter- nobody really, need a lot help.

Chris Bonney

1—USC – I really want to pick someone else but I just can't. They lost a ton of talent but they recruit like no other team in college football history. Booty or Sanchez, either one who plays will be the only problem with the team early in the year. They will still lose two or three games.

2—Cal – I really wanted to put them ahead of USC but thanks to having no quarterback I just can't. Very good defense but having a huge question mark at QB and on the O-Line is too much. Their OOC game with Tennessee will tell if they will challenge USC or fall even further.

3—Oregon – The Quackers lost a lot on defense but this is the type of pre-season that Oregon likes. They will need to settle on one QB as the two QB system has really only worked at an extremely high level once.

4—ASU – The Devils seemingly have the offensive firepower to win the national title but all Koetter knows is offense and it has kept his teams from being all around contenders. Transfers on the D-Line hope to change that but other than Catanese I don't see a ton of help in the back seven.

5—Arizona – The BYU contest will tell the tale of the season for the Cats. If Tuitama and company can win that key early game then a 7 or 8 win season is possible. I have them at 7-5 with a year ending win over ASU in Tucson.

6—UCLA – Karl Dorrell and UCLA fans will finally fin out just what they had in Drew Olson. Ben Olson is going to be very good but e had very limited minutes last year and that after coming off of two years on his church mission in Canada. Good backs and receivers but like ASU, where is the D going to come from?

7—Oregon State – The Beavers have a huge question mark at QB with Matt ‘Interception' Moore but are solid up front and at running back. The defense got burned constantly last year, mostly thanks to man coverage with very green corners.

8—WAZZU – Bill Doba is a GREAT defensive coordinator but lacks both as a recruiter and a head coach. QB is serviceable and the O-Line should be pretty solid but who will run it? With Derting, the heart and soul of the defense, gone who will step in and inspire?

9—Washington – Stanback is serviceable at best and the O-Line should be middle of the Pac somewhere. The defense was terrible a year ago and the special teams are nothing to write home about. If Willingham was smart he would play Freshman phenom Jake Locker from the start and look to 2007.

10—Stanford – The Trees went 5-6 last year after losing to UC-Davis and being handed wins by both Arizona schools. If ASU's defense is remotely healthy and if Arizona's D was healthy and Tuitama was already playing then things would have been different. Rumors of players discontent with Walt Harris already. QB may be the best on the conference and e has a go-to-guy but you can't do much better with literally nothing else left.

Tomorrow we will compute the results and unveil the First Annual Extremely ridiculous DevilsDigest.com/WildcatInsider.com Media Poll.

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