First Ever 'Media Poll'

Since the Dog Days of Summer are in high gear two sites of rival schools put their heads together and decided to do an unofficial and completely ridiculous ‘media poll'. What else is there to do, I mean, how many discussions can Wildcat and Sun Devil fans have during the long summer?

On Sunday night the Devils had their say and on Monday the Wildcats had their say and now we will unveil the combined tally in the First Ever Extremely Ridiculous ‘Media Poll'.

Before we get to the results let's acknowledge those who took the time to sit down and actually give their honest and unbiased opinions on how the Pac-10 will shake out in 2006.

The DevilsDigest crew is site Publisher Hod Rabino, Moderators Stacy Price (KKDevil), Eric Menkhus (BigE) and the legendary poster David Chappell (dabochaps). Representing WildcatInsider are Editor-In-Chief Brad Allis, Football Editor Chris Bonney, Moderator Bard Doster (Bard1) and super poster Justin Wollman (JusGusAZ).

The formula used to tally the final results is very simple and is used by literally everyone that matters that takes the time to put out college football polls (BCS excluded, they don't really count!). A first place vote gets you 10 points, a second gets you 9 points and on down to the tenth place getting a single point.

First Ever Extremely Ridiculous ‘Media Poll'.

First Place votes in parenthesis ( ).

1—Southern California (8) – 80 Points

2—California - 70 Points

3—Arizona State – 64 Points

4—Oregon – 54 Points

5—Arizona – 41 Points

6—UCLA – 36 Points

7—Stanford – 31 Points

8—Washington State – 29 Points

9—Oregon State – 24 Points

10—Washington – 10 Points

There is no shock at the top or the bottom of the final tally but there is obviously going to be some debate on the contents of the middle of the poll, as there should be and always is. It is interesting to note that the opinions were mixed on many of the schools but none more so then Stanford. The Cardinal were picked to finish as low as last and as high as fourth.

The really interesting thing will happen in November when the Pac-10 Conference will likely crown its champion. Just how right will the First Ever Extremely Ridiculous ‘Media Poll' be?

It also must be noted that all eight participants went into this with a completely open mind and not one of us let any biases that we may hold enter into our picks.

Editor's Note - If anyone should have a real problem with these predictions then please take your grievances to Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen. We are absolutely sure that he would love to hear the concerns of Pac-10 football fans!

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