Butch goes down again

LAS VEGAS--Brian Butch's first game at the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas was impressive, albeit brief. Butch showcased the skills that have made him one of the nation's most prized big man recruits, but had to leave the game with an injury.

Butch was the early go-to guy for the Fox Valley Skillz Black team. The club from Wisconsin continuously fed Butch, both in the post and on the perimeter. Butch scored 10 quick points and looked to be on his way to a big day.

After a few minutes on the bench to rest, Butch came back to the floor, but appeared to be in a bit of discomfort with the bad back he's been nursing. Things would only get worse. While jostling for position, Butch and a Ft. Worth Lion post player got their arms locked up. After a brief struggle, Butch was unceremoniously dumped to the floor where he landed hard on his back.

Butch stayed down for a few minutes and was helped to the bench, where he sat with his head in his arms. Minutes later he was helped to the trainer's station, where a variety of treatments were administered.

Butch's skills are apparent. Although he prefers to play on the perimeter, Butch has a nice assortment of post moves. He'll utilize a soft jump hook as well as a turn around jumper that is tough to defend. As pretty as his inside game is, he prefers his perimeter game. Butch possesses a pretty stroke and connected on a three pointer and his lone free throw attempt.

The knock on Butch is his slight frame. Against physical players he can be moved off the blocks. He was ineffective on the defensive board against Ft. Worth as the Lions kept banging him with big bodies.

Butch's status for the remainder of the tournament was not known at the time this story was posted.

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