Vegas Evals: Pt. 1 The Committed

There was a ton to see in Las Vegas. There was so much to see with three tournaments and an exhibition in less than a week. The Wildcats had a host of prospects playing, including four players who are already committed. We'll take a look at how those players fared.

Jamelle Horne Horne did not play his best basketball but that is true of a lot of elite players who have been virtually playing non stop for three months. That being said the talent is undeniable and he will fit very nicely into the Wildcat pantheon of wings that include the likes of Sean Elliott, Richard Jefferson, Michael Dickerson, Andre Iguodala and now Marcus Williams.

Horne has the length, the height and the explosiveness that Lute Olson covets in a small forward. He also has an understanding of the game and the work ethic that has been missing from some of the recent Wildcat teams. I have to admit that I have not seen him in a structured team setting but I like everything I have seen in the All-Star and AAU settings. He has a nice jumper, although he does have to watch his form at times and can really finish on the break. He will hit the glass and is unafraid to pass. He has the make-up to be a pretty nice defender as well.

Alex Jacobson This past weekend was the best I have seen from the seven-footer. He was playing with his high school team and looked far more comfortable than he did with the SoCal All-Stars in the spring. He was confident, aggressive and knew what was expected of him from coach Gary McKnight.

Jacobson is still a work in progress but has made great strides over the past few months. He's been working with Fred Litzenberger of Vanguard University and the workouts seem to have paid off. He has really improved the little things. He was boxing out well and anticipated rebounds well. His conditioning is also improved and he was able to log a lot of minutes and stay away from the silly fould that come from fatigue.

He still needs to add some strength and although his offensive game is improved he will need to add some more moves. The junp hook is better and he does have a jumper, but he will need to get them off against players his size and there are not a lot of those on the AAU circuit.

Zane Johnson While Horne was playing with Bayless for the first time, Johnson was playing without Bayless for the first time. With Bayless suiting up for EBO, Johnson became the floor general for the Arizona Magic. Johnson spent a lot of time at the point and was more aggressive than we'd seen him in the past. When he played with Bayless he'd camp out behind the arc and wait for Bayless to drive and dish.

There has never been any doubt about Johnson's shooting touch, he's one of the best on the West Coast but this weekend he showed off some other skills. His ball handling skills were as good as we have seen and he was really attacking the lane. He won't be playing the point in Tucson but it was nice to see him show that he is more than just a shooter.

Johnson is long and tall, which means he can shoot over smaller guards. He'll have to improve his defense and overall footwork but is more athletic than he gets credit for.

Laval Lucas-Perry Lucas-Perry reminds me of Marcus Williams at this stage. They play different positions and have different styles but they play the same way. They may not blow you away with highlight reel dunks and drives, but they never make you cringe with a stupid play. Both always play hard and play smart yet still make things happen.

Lucas-Perry is a true combo guard but he may be better suited at the two. He has a reliable jumper and is strong enough to get into the lane and make some things happen. He hits the board and looks like he can be a great defender down the line. He's smart, yet tough. He's not the most explosive player but he is one heck of an athlete. Some compare him to Gilbert Arenas but I think the comparison to Joe Dumars are a lot more accurate.

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