Class of 2006 Update, six missing

On Tuesday the University of Arizona Football program welcomed 33 newcomers into the fold. But what caught everybody's attention was not the 33 guys that reported but it was the six that didn't report. Here is what we know about the situation of the six guys in question.

This was compiled after talking with various sources that have direct knowledge of each individual case.

Gabe Long-- The big 5-Star JUCO defensive tackle has been working on his academic situation since he moved to Tucson last winter and enrolled at Pima Community College. As of right now he is still working on issues surrounding three classes. According to one source Gabe is, "still around a 50-50 proposition. He has work to do but it is still very possible for him to become eligible."

Louis Holmes-- The issue surrounding Louis Holmes is a lot less confusing than that of Long. Louis is enrolled in what should be his final class at the JUCO level. He has a final in that class tomorrow so the status of his eligibility could me known by as early as Friday after the grades are posted. But since it takes time to get through the always very slow NCAA Clearinghouse, it could be up to an extra week until Holmes is actually admitted to the University.

Braylon Broughton-- Braylon is actually technically eligible except for one thing, he has yet to pass the Texas state test that he must pass in order to actually graduate. The test, which he took within the past two weeks, is a similar standardized test to that of the AIMS test in Arizona. If he scored the appropriate score on that test then he can be fully submitted to the Clearinghouse and then he can be admitted to the University, should he clear the House.

D'Aundre Reed-- D'Aundre, it looks like, is the victim of a slow Clearinghouse and a high school that did not do him any favors in getting cleared on time. According to sources there should not be any surprises with Reed's admittance other than waiting to be officially cleared, which could happen as early as tomorrow.

Michael Turner-- Michael's situation is very similar to that of Reed. His paperwork got to the Clearinghouse a little late thanks to a not so eager high school so now he must wait. Since the Clearinghouse is so meticulous these days, Turner has to wait behind many other applications that were submitted before his.

Derke Robinson-- Derke's situation is different than that of Reed and Turner only in that in his case he needs much more paperwork filed on his behalf for reasons that are his own business. Nobody expects any problems with his getting through the Clearinghouse but it could take up to an extra week or so to get his final approval and admittance to the University.

With the NCAA Clearinghouse literally going over everyone's application up to five and six times each it is no wonder that some kid's applications take longer than others. There has been case after case of academic fraud so nobody can blame the Clearinghouse for being so meticulous in clearing kids from every walk of life and every background. It is very hard for sports fans, especially very touchy college football fans, to be patient with issues like this at this time of year but that is what we have to do. The Clearinghouse has their job to do and all that can be done is to sit back and be patient and wait for the system to do its job.

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