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Leon Powe recently announced for Cal. Aynide Ubaka, a 6-2 point guard from Oakland (HS), Calif., is a good friend with Powe. Will Ubaka be the next of the "Oakland Pipeline" to commit to the Golden Bears? I caught up with Ubaka at the Las Vegas Big Tournament and asked him about that.

Cat Tracks: What other players here at the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament have impressed you most?

Ubaka: Sabastian Telfair, he's the real deal.

Cat Tracks: Leon Powe committed to Cal. Are you the next player in the "Bay Area Pipe Line" to commit to Cal?

Ubaka: Well, whatever. If it's the best situation, that's where I'm going. There's a lot of good player in the area and the top players should go there.

Cat Tracks: Are you going to make a decision soon or are you going to take some visits first?

Ubaka: I'm going to take a couple of visits first.

Cat Tracks: What schools are considering visiting besides Cal?

Ubaka: Arizona, Oregon, Florida

Cat Tracks: Florida is a long way away?

Ubaka: It doesn't matter. If I went to Arizona, that's a long way away too.

Cat Tracks: You mentioned at one time that Cal was where you wanted to go, but that Arizona was where you should go. Comment on that statement.

Ubaka: Arizona is real guard oriented. They give their guards a lot of freedom. Cal probably doesn't have the guards to do that, but if they did they do it too.

Cat Tracks: So who is the leader?

Ubaka: Cal is the leader right now. Cal is real supportive.

Cat Tracks: If you go to Cal, your family and friends can watch you play. Is that important?

Ubaka: That's a real big deal. And Me and Leon and Marquis (Kately, who has also committed to Cal) can do some real good in the community.

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