Good news, bad news

The Wildcats have had their share of trouble getting players cleared to play this season. They began camp with six signees still waiting to get cleared but slowly four of them were able to join the team. On Thursday, they got good news on a fifth recruit, but heard some bad news as well.

The good news is that junior college defensive tackle Gabe Long is one step closer to becoming eligible to join the team. Long contacted Wildcat Insider and said that a final summer grade posted and he passed the course.

Long indicated that he had one last correspondence course to finish in an effort to get his associates degree from Fullerton College. The five-star recruit indicated that he had just to complete a final in the course and if he passes the class he would have all of his coursework done. According to Long, he currently has a good grade in the class and that he was fairly confident that he would get the necessary score on the test to pass.

Long said, assuming he passes the class, that he should be cleared to play by the middle of next week. Don't expect an instant impact from Long. He claims that he has kept up his weight room work but is not in football shape.

On a negative note, at least five freshmen have been pulled from practicing with the team over what has been described as issues with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

D'aundre Reed, Devin Ross, Cory Elmore, Terrell Reese and Derke Robinson were in street clothes for the night session and according to Mike Stoops the team is awaiting word on their eligibility. "There are certain things that you have to go through, Clearing House issues and those are out of my control," Stoops said. "I have to sit and wait like everyone else and that is frustrating." Stoops said he did not know when the players would be cleared and was quite frank about his displeasure with the process.

"The Clearing House, for whatever reason they take forever," Stoops noted. "It is very disrespectful I believe to the kids. It is very unfair to hold them captive while they are going through this process. It is hard for me to believe that you can't look at things and make a decision in months."

There is still no word on Braylon Broughton, but the general feeling is that his best chance is to enroll in January.

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