Quotes and stats from fall scrimmage

The Wildcats scrimmaged on Saturday to officially wrap up fall camp. Both the offense and the defense showed flashes of being right where Wildcat fans want them.



Head coach Mike Stoops


On the team's performance: "I was pleased again. I thought we did a lot of good things, overall. Chris Jennings really ran the ball well. Both Chris' (Jennings and Henry) ran well."


On the team's health coming out of camp: "We had a lot of starters out. We have probably been more cautious with our guys this year than in any other camp. We would be 100% healthy and have everyone available if we played next week. Peter Graniello hasn't missed a down in the last two years. Michael Johnson is a tremendous player. Those are guys that could play if they had to."


On the attitude of the team: "The kids have a strong, positive attitude. I think we're building some strong character and strong work ethic in this program."


Offensive coordinator Mike Canales:


On the running game: "I'm very pleased with the running game. We can definitely run the football this year."


On RB Chris Jennings: "We wanted to throw him into the fire. He did some good things. He ran exceptionally well. He caught a pass out of the backfield. That's something our running backs have to do. They have to catch the ball."


On the offense plan for the scrimmage: "We shortened our package a bit tonight. It was very vanilla. I thought we did some good things."


Sophomore QB Willie Tuitama


On the offensive production in the scrimmage:" We held some stuff back. We didn't show everything. But I thought we did a lot of things good. The running backs were running hard. We had good blocking up front that gave us time to do things."


Junior WR Anthony Johnson


On finishing out camp on a high note: "It felt really good. It was a good way to end camp."


On the development of the passing game: "It's coming along well. We put in a lot of work this summer, working on extra stuff together. We've got a good offensive line that is working their butts off to let us throw the ball downfield."


Junior RB Chris Jennings:


On his 50-yard touchdown run: "I just saw the hole open up. One of my blockers crossed my face and I knew I was going to take it to the house."


On the progress of the running game: "We need to keep doing what we're doing. We need to stay together like a fist. If we do that, things are going to happen."


Freshman CB Michael Turner


On adjusting to the speed of Division I players: "Speed. Speed is the biggest difference. My head has to snap around to the wide receiver faster."



STATS (Compiled by Arizona Sports Information)




Passing: 25-39-219 yards

            Tuitama: 13-18-124

            Austin:  11-16-95

Heavner: 1-3-0

Lyon: 0-2-0


Rushing: 27-158 yards, 1 TD (sacks not included)

            Smith: 13-27

            Henry: 7-36

Jennings: 6-95, TD

Longbons: 1-0



Johnson, 9-91; Dennard, 4-30; Reese, 2-24; Bell, 2-15; Steptoe, 2-14; Smith, 2-9; Jennings, 1-20; Thomas, 1-9; Turner 1-9


Special Teams


Field goals:

            Folk: Made – 30, 43, 40, 47


Punting (No returns):

            McQuown: 60, 38, 21

            Crier: 45





Larsen – 5; Hall – 5; M. Turner – 5; Palmer – 4; Fontenot – 4; Klyce – 4; Holmes – 4; Kelley – 3; Shelton – 3; McCovy – 3; Tatum – 3; Parker – 3; Patrick – 3; Nelson – 3; Krogsttad – 2; Elmore – 2; Dotson – 2; J. Turner – 2; Bertrand – 1; Philipp – 1; Cason – 1; Ness – 1; Horton Jr. – 1; Barnett – 1; Amituanai – 1; Samoy -1 ; Hollingsworth – 1; Alford – 1



            Elmore – 1; J. Turner – 1; Nelson -1; Holmes – 0.5; Horton Jr. – 0.5


Tackles for Loss:

Larsen – 1; J. Turner – 1; Holmes – 1; Horton Jr. – 1; Parker – 1; Palmer – 1; Nelson – 1


Passes Broken Up:

            M. Turner – 3; Patrick – 1; Hall – 1; Ross – 1


Forced Fumbles:

            McCovy – 1; M. Turner – 1


Fumbles Recovered:

            McCovy – 1; M. Turner - 1

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