Another look at Stephen F. Austin

Arizona beat Stephen F. Austin. That is the good news. The bad news is that it was not the overwhelming domination most expected. The Cats moved the ball fairly well and made SFA work for their yards, but they did not put SFA away until the final minute. I come away from the game with a lot of positives, a lot of negatives and a lot of questions.

Positive: Chris Jennings 201 yards and a pair of scores for the junior college walk-on. He showed great instincts and some really sick moves in the open field.

Question: Chris Jennings Can he do it against good teams? The offensive line made some nice holes, but he'll be hard pressed to find a lot of daylight against defenses like USC and Cal. Can he freelance and make things from nothing?

Positive: The final 15:00 I feel a lot better after the fourth quarter than I did after the third quarter. The fact that Willie Tuitama came in and sparked the team for two quick scores, makes up for some of the offensive woes earlier in the game.

Negative: Offense Other than the first drive, the Arizona offense was not overpowering under Adam Austin. He marched them down inside the 20 on two more occasions, getting a touchdown and a missed field goal. He also had the pick and only threw downfield on a couple of occasions. It looked as if the coaches had a limited playbook for him because things opened up when Tuitama came in the game.

Question: Play calling The Cats went to the screen and the quick out over and over. Could it be that they are not sold on their ability to run the ball and want to use the quick hitter as sort of a "run substitute" or was it due to a lack of faith in Austin and/or the wide receivers?

Positive: Defense The Wildcats only surrendered 190 yards of offense, with 80 coming on one drive. After the scoring drive the Cats seemed to nullify the speed of SFA's quarterback.

Negative: Linebackers The overall play was not too bad, but there were a few too many missed tackles and at times players were out of position. Spencer Larsen has been outstanding but the rest of the unit could be a little better.

Question: Personnel With the Wildcats needing help at wide receiver it was very curious that neither Terrell Turner nor Terrell Reese saw any action. Since they already played against LSU they cannot redshirt. It would reason that they should have gotten action against SFA, so at the very least the coaches could determine that they were not ready.

Negative: Special Teams The Cats were not very good on special teams. One punt went just 14 yards and two other punts were hit too hard and rolled into the endzone without any chance of downing the ball inside the 10. The Cats also missed a field goal and failed to return a punt. In fact the Wildcats have not returned a punt all season.

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