Cason wants Jarrett, USC

Antoine Cason is considered one of the best corner backs in the nation. He has started from day one for the Wildcats and appears to have an NFL career ahead of him. With all of the accolades he has already received, there is one he never got…a scholarship offer from USC. This weekend he gets a chance to go toe to toe with one of the nation's best receivers solidify his reputation.

In Arizona's scheme the Wildcat corner backs don't cover a specific receiver, but instead cover a zone. Although Cason is not expected to shadow USC's Dwayne Jarrett, he does hope to match up with him a lot more than he did last year at the Coliseum.

"I want to (cover Jarrett)," Cason said. "I really want to. Just for the challenge. He's a pretty good receiver and I think I am a pretty good db. I am ready for the challenge to guard him."

Cason has obvious NFL aspirations and knows that Jarrett is the type of player he will have to cover Cason is well aware that a good day against a player like Jarrett can only add to his reputation.

"He's pretty good, but so am I," Cason said. "He has a big body, he used his body well. He runs good routes and catches the ball." Cason is a player numerous NFL teams have their eyes on, but he did not attract the attention of the USC staff, in fact only Washington, Oregon State and Arizona offered him scholarships in the Pac-10. Needless to say playing well against the L.A. school is important.

"That's where I am from. 30 minutes down the highway and the coaches did not say a word to me," Cason noted. "It means a lot to play good against these guys."

Cason did not grow up a Trojan fan, both USC and UCLA were on television when he was a kid.

"I was never a fan but I always watched them," he explained. "It would have been nice, maybe(to be recruited), because they are the hometown team, but they never said a word to me."

Although Cason makes no bones about the fact that he would have loved to have been recruited by the Trojans, he isn't bitter about it. In fact he completely understands why he was not a top target.

"That is part of the recruiting process and I didn't really take it personally," Cason said. "They did their job. They won 47 of 49 without Cason, so they didn't do too bad. I'm just going to show them that I was there and I am here now."

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