Pac-10 Preview: Week Four

League play begins in earnest this week All but two teams have conference games and seven squads play their first Pac-10 games.

1. USC 2-0
The Trojans are still on top. Impressive wins against Arkansas and Nebraska keep the USC on top. It will take a loss, or a real disappointing performance to knock the Men of Troy off the list.

2. Oregon 3-0
Yes, Oregon got favorable calls. I'll admit that, but a win over Oklahoma is still a win over Oklahoma. Add to that a tough road win over Fresno and an impressive win over Stanford and you have our No. 2 team.

3. ASU 3-0
The Devils get the nod over UCLA. They did not look sharp against Colorado but still managed a 21-3 road win. I have all but forgotten the NAU struggle, but can the defense play this well in Pac-10 play?

4. UCLA 2-0
The Bruins are undefeated but an impressive win and a lackluster win over Rice don't exactly have me doing back flips. I kind of suspect that Cal is a better team, but until the Bruins lose They stay in the top-four.

5. Cal 2-1
The Bears have two blow out wins after forgetting to show up for the first three quarters against Tennessee. We're not sold on the quarterback position, but the rest of the team appears strong.

6. Washington 2-1
The Huskies look pretty good. The San Jose State win was not impressive but a home win over Fresno has us thinking UW is no longer an easy out.

7. Washington State 2-1
A bad loss to an SEC team, a close win on a last second field goal and a win over a lesser opponent. No this isn't Arizona, this is the Cougars. We think BYU is better than Baylor, but the Cougs get the nod because their win over D-I Idaho was more impressive than Arizona's win over D-IAA Stephen F. Austin.

8. Arizona 2-1
The fourth quarter against SFA has me feeling that the Cats are a better team than their 18-point win over the Lumberjacks, but too bad the first 45 minutes still count. A good performance against USC could move the Cats up a few spaces, even if they lose, but right now they are in eighth.

9. Oregon State 1-1
A bye did not erase the memory of a lopsided loss Boise State.

10. Stanford 0-3
It is going to be a long year in Palo Alto. A loss to Oregon is acceptable, but losses to San Jose State and Navy?

This week's games:

ASU at Cal
Dirk Koetter tries to get his first Pac-10 win in California. The Bears try to keep things rolling after the bad start. It will be ASU's offense against the Cal defense, or who plays worse, ASU's defense or Nate Longshore. A win would have me believing in ASU.

Washington State at Stanford
Stanford almost has to get a win here to keep any of the confidence that is left. A road win for WSU would go a long way be big after struggling against Baylor.

UCLA at Washington
Are the Dawgs for real? Is UCLA really a top-tier Pac-10 team? We'll know a lot more about both of these teams after this one. The winner has a leg up on a bowl bid.

Idaho at Oregon State
Which Idaho team shows up, the one that played tough against Michigan State or the team that was killed by Washington State? Idaho trivia: nine of their 12 games are against teams with ‘state' in their name. Their first six games are against ‘states' Oregon State needs to look impressive in this one or it could be tough going in Corvallis.

USC at Arizona
Last year the Cats traded blows with the Trojans. Can they do it again? After the bad game against LSU the Cats really need to play well with a top-10 team to keep the fan base confident.

Best Game: ASU at Cal. Two good teams with a lot to play for.

Best Chance For An Upset: I just don't think Stanford can beat WSU, but I would not be shocked to see UW hold serve at home against an untested Bruin squad.

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