Harris ready to earn respect

Arizona has slowly created inroads into the fertile Texas recruiting scene. For several years the Wildcats have gone to Houston and come away with a number of talented football players. This past recruiting class saw the Arizona coaches go to San Antonio and come away with a couple of promising young prospects. One of those prospects, fullback Gilbert Harris, believes that San Antonio is an untapped hot bed of young talent.

Harris believes that his verbal commitment last August was just the first step in creating a pipeline between San Antonio and the University of Arizona. That pipeline could be beneficial to both the team and the city.

"That is a reason I came out here," Harris said of the connection. "Hopefully we can get San Antonio some recognition. We want to get some coaches out there and show them there is talent in San Antonio and that we can play also. There are definitely some athletes out there."

Harris is a big back that also possesses good speed. Many speculate that Harris will be in a fight for immediate time at the fullback spot with redshirt freshmen Sean Jones and Antoine Singfield. At 6-1 and 211 pounds, Harris stacks up physically with the other two backs and he is aiming for a chance to shine early.

"It is definitely something I am aiming for," Harris said of immediate playing time. "I need to come out and show the coaches that I am ready to play. Hopefully by the time the first game comes around I can get on the field."

Growing up in Texas, one might assume that Harris would be a stranger to West Coast football. Quite the contrary. He remarked that San Antonio does not have a natural connection to any of the big Texas schools and that the allure of the Pac-10 was a key in his commitment to Arizona.

"The Conference, the level of competition in the Pac-10," Harris noted as a key to choosing the Cats. "There is a challenge every week. There are no easy games, that is for sure."

Harris is sometimes compared to fellow Texan Clarence Farmer. Both have good size, good speed and can do a variety of things on the field. The outgoing Farmer has already made his presence known to Harris and the rest of the recruits."

"I got to talk to Clarence. He's a real good guy," Harris said. "He clowns around a lot. He's someone I can look up to. What he can do on the field, I will definitely try to imitate what he can do. Try to model my game after his."

The rookies only have a few practices together before the veterans report. Harris is ready for the full camp to begin. He realizes that it is the best way to show everyone what he can do. He knows he has to get it done on the field if he wants to impress the veterans and the coaches.

"I need to show them what I can do on the field and try to earn their respect," said Harris. "Let them know I can play also and that I'll be ready to get on the field when the time comes."

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