Texas Duo Takes in Tucson

With the recruiting success of he Arizona coaching staff in the state of Texas the past few years it should be no surprise that many of their top targets for the class of 2007 reside in the Lone Star State. This past weekend the Wildcats hosted four official visitors from the state of Texas with quite a few more as the season continues.

Two of the four that were in town this past weekend were Lamar Consolidated teammates defensive end LeVar Brown and offensive tackle Jarvis Jones. Both of the young Texans gave their visit to Tucson high marks.

"I had a really good time," said the four-star Brown. "The visit was great; it was really a great experience. The students really welcomed us and the hotel that we got to stay in was amazing. It was a really great visit from start to finish."

The always mild mannered Jones had very similar things to say about his overall impression gained on the visit.

"It was a really nice trip overall," he said. "I liked it a lot out there. The weather was perfect and the campus and everything was great. We got to meet all of the coaches and we met with a bunch of academic people and I really enjoyed learning about the University. I want to major in Dentistry so it was nice to see that Arizona has a good medical school that I can go to."

Jones was hosted by Arizona freshman offensive guard Jovon Hayes while in Tucson and according to Jarvis, Hayes did a very good job of answering questions and showing the duo a good time.

"Jovon was a really cool guy," he said. "He was very helpful and he showed us a great time. We got to hang out with a lot of the players and students and it was a lot of fun. The campus is very nice and there is a lot to do there outside of football."

Both Jones and Brown are being recruited to Arizona by offensive line coach Eric Wolford. Both of the young men have developed a good relationship with Wolford, and according to Jones, it means a lot.

"Coach Wolford is a funny and cool guy," said Jones. "He is really a cool cat. He is the kind of coach that really cares about his players and he wants the best for all of them on and off the field."

"Coach Wolfy is one funny dude," added Brown. "He is a great guy and I really liked him a lot."

While in town both players kept a close eye on the positions that they play and how they are coached and prepared. According to Brown, he was surprised at the level of the Arizona defensive ends.

"The defensive ends always line up in a 5 or a 6," he said. "That is what we always do at Lamar and that is what I am very comfortable with doing. Coach (Joe) Robinson is a really cool guy and all of his players really respect him. He knows the game and he really knows defense and he showed me a lot about how their defense works."

With the recent scuffle among Arizona fans concerning the Cats use of the zone blocking scheme up front it should be noted that Jones had a lot to say about the scheme.

"I like the zone scheme that they run," commented Jones. "That is what we run in high school and I am really used to it. It isn't the easiest system to run but once you get it, you really get it."

Both Jones and Brown went on to say that the likelihood of them attending the same University is very high.

"We talk about it all the time and that is what the plan is right now," said Jones. "It might not turn out that way but we are visiting the same schools and it would be best if we could go to the same school."

"That is what we want to do," added Brown about going to school with Jarvis. "We both want it and that is what is going to happen. We are both going to visit Nebraska, LSU and Iowa together and I am sure that we will both decide on the same school."

Both Jones and Brown said that they are still wide open about their college choice and are going into each visit with an open mind. Jarvis wants to major in Dentistry and Brown wants to be a teacher so he plans on majoring in Education.

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