Game Log: Dawgs over Cats

In the end a nine minute span would kill the Cats. While they certainly battled back in the second half, the Cats gave up three scores in the second quarter and who knows where they go from here.

14:40 in the first quarter:
Good start, Tuitama to Thomas for a gain of 15. Gotta play in front of the chains.

13:10 in the first quarter:
Not so good, two carries, minus one yard rushing.

12:59 in the first quarter:
Bad drop by Thomas on third and six. He would have had the first down. The Cats cannot afford mistakes on offense. They have to maximize opportunities tonight.

12:33 in the first quarter:
Stanback gets free and runs for almost 20 yards. Another bad sign. Cats can't let him run. They have to force him to win the game with his arm.

11:46 in the first quarter:
Hollingsworth drops an interception that would have gone for a touchdown. How many dropped picks have there been over the past three or four seasons. This team needs the defense to make plays.

11:41 in the first quarter:
Our first replay of the night. My question, if the game is not on television, how many camera angles are there? Obviously you have a few, because of the jumbo tron, but how many exactly? One print reporter suggests that there is a sketch artist being employed for this one.

11:18 in the first quarter:
Thanks to a screen pass to Thomas that went backwards, the Cats now have positive rushing yards after a five-yard gain.

8:44 in the first quarter:
The Washington punt appeared to be a terrible one at first. It was high and short and wobbly, but it hit at about the 15 and rolled down to the one into the arms of a waiting Husky. The Cats will have to go about 99 yards. So far the Huskies are winning the field position battle.

7:43 in the first quarter:
Two plays and two near safeties. Two slow developing runs in the endzone will not cut it.

6:35 in the first quarter:
On the punt the Cats barely escape without a safety, but a short punt gives UW the ball at the 33. In a game where points may be at a premium, you cannot lose the field position battle. The Cats have started at their 20, 15 and 1. UW has started at their own 25, 40 and the UA 33.

5:19 in the first quarter:
Defense steps up. Michael Johnson with the pick. It looked like he was just going for the pass break-up with a big hit, but he comes down from the collision with the ball. The only negative is that they start at their own 10.

4:26 in the first quarter:
Jennings shows good instincts and busts a 14-yard run by first cutting inside, and then breaking it to the outside.

2:21 in the first quarter:
A big down conversion that leaves me a bit perplexed. The Cats face third and long and roll out to the right side where there are only two receivers. Anthony Johnson goes out short and essentially stops as he approaches the sideline. Steptoe is 20 yards down field and the only player in the area with any chance at a first down. Although the Dawgs are in the zone, no one realizes he is the only option on the play (Tuitama won't throw across his body) yet no one makes a break on Steptoe until the ball is in the air.

1:18 in the first quarter:
Strange play. Folk gets off a rugby kick that is short but takes a great hop. The UW returner waves his arms as if to say "don't touch it". He never appears to wave an arm over his head, yet the refs rule it a fair cats, negating about a 10-yard return.

1:05 in the first quarter:
UW completes their first pass. It is their second first down of the game. The first came on their first play from scrimmage.

0:00 in the first quarter:
Another thing I don't think I have seen. Due to a holding call on the final play of the quarter, Washington is given an untimed down. I have seen that at the end of a half or the end of a game, but not at the end of a quarter.

14:55 in the second quarter:
Not only do UW pick up the first down on a screen pass, but they get an extra 15 after a facemask call at the end of the run

13:57 in the second quarter:
UW with some trickery, but it will come back. The Huskies run the halfback pass, getting the ball back to Stanback and he scoots 23 yards for the score. The only problem is there was a clip, and the play will come back. Instead of a 7-0 lead, the Huskies now face 2nd and 23.

13:05 in the second quarter:
UW misses a 39-yard field goal, despite the fact that they got five yards closer after a pair of missed tackles on third and long.

13:00 in the second quarter:
Stat for you all, the Cats were averaging over four yards a play on first down before their final drive. After that drive, thanks to a pair of big losses, the Cats average less than three yards.

12:39 in the second quarter:
That changes as Chris Henry picks up 14 yards on his first carry of the game.

12:22 in the second quarter:
Mike Thomas with a huge catch. The pass is broken up and pops straight up into the air. Thomas hauls it in and picks up 31 yards.

11:13 in the second quarter:
After a 31-yard gain, Tuitama is sacked for a loss of 11 and on the next play Henry is brought down for a loss of two. They now face third and 23 from midfield.

10:22 in the second quarter:
Cats pick up about 12 on third down and that will set up a 52-yard field goal.

9:51 in the second quarter:
Folk nails it. The Cats lead 3-0 and the way this is going those could be some vital points. It is Folks second longest field goal. He had a 53-yarder last year against ASU.

8:49 in the second quarter:
The Cats want Stanback to beat them with his arm and he did just that. He just completed a 50-yard pass to a wide-open Sonny Shackleford. They are now back inside the Arizona 25.

6:07 in the second quarter:
UW touchdown. Stanback has all day to throw. He literally takes about fives seconds before he finally finds Shackleford who slipped in front of Cason about three yards deep into the endzone. UW has scored more first half points than USC did.

5:15 in the second quarter:
Brandon Lopez with his first catch of the year. It goes for five yards.

4:54 in the second quarter:
Tuitama has had three passes broken up at the line already tonight.

4:29 in the second quarter:
UW is actually doing a fantastic job picking up yards on first down, but until the last drive, have not done a great job moving the ball otherwise. They have not benefited as much as you would expect playing in front of the chains.

3:44 in the second quarter:
Another long pass. Stanback has all day to throw and completes a 44-yarder over Cason. UW had 11 yards passing at the end of the first quarter and have 144 since.

2:48 in the second quarter:
After nearly 45 seconds of deliberation, Kenny James is awarded a touchdown. He was met at the goal line and tried to squirm in. The initial call was that he was down, but after a nice, long meeting, the Huskies are awarded the score. The Cats trail 14-3 and show no signs of life. They need at least a field goal heading into the half to get some momentum.

2:12 in the second quarter:
Cats go no-huddle after a 23-yard gain on first down.

1:31 in the second quarter:
Another big pass play is called back thanks to a hold. Instead of first and 10 at the UW 40 or so, the Cats face 2nd and 17 at their own 36.

1:11 in the second quarter:
At this point the Wildcats have 153 yards, about 60% of their season average for a whole game. The bad news is that UW has 246. They have been averaging 345 yards this season.

1:02 in the second quarter:
Tuitama is pressured and losses the ball as he steps up into the pocket to avoid the sack. Now the Cats face fourth and long and UW will get the ball back with about a minute left. It is amazing how much damage one penalty can do. Without the hold the Cats at least get a chance at a field goal, now they have to give the ball back and we all remember what happened last year late in the first half.

0:54 in the second quarter:
Folk gets off a 61-yard punt, but it hits a yard deep into the endzone.

0:22 in the second quarter:
Barring a second half rally, the Cats are cooked. Stanback marches the Huskies 80-yards on two passes. They are reviewing it to see if he crossed the line of scrimmage, but barring a reversal the Cats will be down 21-3 and don't look capable of doing anything on either side of the ball.

Stanback did not cross the line of scrimmage and the Dawgs do lead 21-3. To be honest, this is embarrassing. There is no way Isaiah Stanback should put up better numbers than BYU's John Beck or USC's John David Booty. You have to explain to me how a team plays USC tough for 55 minutes, but lays an egg against a young, albeit improved, Washington team.

0:00 in the second quarter:
The Cats are booed off the field and honestly, I can't blame the fans. This team has shown nothing so far. Fans are leaving in droves. Barring a great second half, or a shocking win streak, the bandwagon will have plenty of seats on it, and so will Arizona Stadium on October 21st, the next home game.

2:44 left in the halftime:
Washington made adjustments and the Cats have not. In the last 10 minutes of the third quarter the UW offense passed for over 217 yards. Prior to that the Cats held them to just 27 yards. The Wildcat defense and offense is being outcoached and outplayed. If we don't se a lot of adjustments and improvements in the second half, my worry will turn to panic.

12:14 in the third quarter:
After a big pass play, the defense shows some signs of life. The UW drive ends when Stanback sprints out and is drilled on the sideline. He fumbles out of bounds and the Huskies punt.

11:59in the third quarter:
Cats show a new wrinkle. Tuitama rolls out and hit Earl Mitchell on a 27-yard completion. They then follow that up with a 35-yard completion that could have gone for more had Tuitama thrown a better pass. Steptoe was behind the defense but had to slow to haul in the a pass. By my count Tuitama is 12-18 for 184 yards.

10:55 in the third quarter:
A nice screen pass to Jennings has the Cats first and goal inside the five. They MUST score a touchdown on this drive.

10:25 in the third quarter:
Graniello is blown up and the Cats lose four yards on a handoff to Jennings.

9:47 in the third quarter:
It gets worse. Tuitama loses 16 when he is sacked on an attempted roll out. Linebacker Scott White is untouched on the blitz.

9:02 in the third quarter:
This team does not want to win. On third and goal from the 24 Syndric Steptoe has a touchdown pass go right through his hands. They follow that up with a missed field goal. They do everything right until they get to the four yard line then they just implode.

Any chance at a miracle comeback probably died on the dropped pass. They did everything they had to do until they get to the four and then the blocking disappears. Tuitama needs help and really isn't getting it.

6:55 in the third quarter:
Despite two drops, a big penalty gives the Cats another deep drive into UW territory. They have first and 10 at the UW 26 and what happens? A false start.

The penalty to help them move the ball was another helmet to helmet shot on Willie T. He may now lead the nation in that category.

5:59 in the third quarter:
The Cats will go for it on fourth and 2 at the 13. The game, and maybe the season hinges on it.

5:55 in the third quarter:
Finally, someone makes a play. Syndric Steptoe comes close to dropping the slant patter, in fact he juggled it three times, but he hauls it in and goes in for the score. The Cats have some life, but have to keep getting it done.

3:18 in the third quarter:
Cats hold on defense again. Another score would be huge. Xavier Smith carries on first down and picks up seven yards. It is his first carry against a D-I team.

1:12 in the third quarter:
Cats pick up a first down and that is it. They have to punt but Folk does get off a good kick. One thing that must be noted is that Terrell Reece was out on the last series.

0:12in the third quarter:
Another three and out. This team is showing some fight in the second half. Now we need to see more points.

15:00 in the fourth quarter:
Mike Stoops huddles up the entire team on the sideline before the start of the quarter. You hope they have at least two more scores left in them.

14:04 in the fourth quarter:
Another big game gets them to the 50, but they go backwards with a holding penalty. 1st and 10 at the 50 is now 1st and 20 and their own 40.

13:55 in the fourth quarter:
Cats can't buy a call. Early contact appears to have cause a pass to fly up in the air where it is picked off.

13:36 in the fourth quarter:
Dominic Patrick drops another potential interception that, at the very least, would have given the Cats the ball back. That is no fewer than three dropped picks in the past two weeks.

13:22 in the fourth quarter:
The defense holds, and more importantly, the Dawgs run just 33 seconds off the clock.

13:13 in the fourth quarter:
For the second time in the game, the Huskies' Sean Douglas pins the Cats inside their own one yard line.

12:20 in the fourth quarter:
The Wildcat receivers have been able to get behind the Husky defensive backs on a number of occasions, but they have only connected on one deep pass. One was dropped, while the rest were overthrown.

9:51 in the fourth quarter:
Arizona forces third and long and make Stanback throw a short pass. However, the receiver makes a number of players miss and the tackler throws the ball carrier forward for the first down.

9:25 in the fourth quarter:
A bad pass interference call is over ruled, but only after a near riot from the Wildcat coaching staff and a mass of debris from the student section, including ice and few beach balls.

7:32 in the fourth quarter:
Cats have the ball back and this is a drive where they MUST score, and probably need a touchdown. Even a field goal puts them within a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

7:11 in the fourth quarter:
Hey! It's another hold.

6:53 in the fourth quarter:
Cats face a critical 3rd and 16 from their own 10.

6:11 in the fourth quarter:
Another sack. Fifth on the night. Cats will punt and this one is likely over. They will now have to burn timeouts and somehow milk a pair of possessions out of bout 5:30.

5:25 in the fourth quarter:
Cats interfere with an opportunity to catch a punt and instead of getting the ball at about the 45, Washington gets the ball at the 29.

4:02 in the fourth quarter:
UW is at the UA five. Unless the Cats pull off the miracle this will be my last entry.

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