Game Log: UCLA over Arizona

UCLA was looking for revenge, while Arizona was looking to right the ship. In the end it was another frustrating loss for the Wildcats. Here is a look at a game that featured more injured quarterbacks than Arizona touchdowns.

Before the game:
Fox shows us a graphic that says it is the Stanford vs. UCLA game. Uh, that was last week guys.

14:27 in the first
Tuitama audibles and hits Thomas on a quick out for five yards. Playing ahead of the chains is important.

13:46 in the first
How bad is the line? Tuitama has to ground the ball to avoid the sack AND there was a hold. Three and out. Exactly what this team does not need.

13:37 in the first
Folk booms a 53-yard punt and Devin Ross is right there to belt the returner the minute he catches the ball.

12:05 in the first
Everyone complains about the UA play calling, but it is UCLA who runs off tackle on 3rd and five. They get next to no gain and have to punt.

Before the next snap Jorge Posada hits a two-run homerun to cut the Detroit lead to 8-3 in the ninth.

11:05 in the first
Yet another UCLA defender is in the Arizona backfield to blow up the play.

8:56 in the first
Stellar camera work by Fox as they focus only on Tuitama despite the fact that he threw the bubble screen.

7:20 in the first
Adrian McCovy is playing early, rotating often with Ronnie Palmer.

6:47 in the first
Ben Olson is down, He got rolled up on after he got rid of the pass. Can't tell who hit him or how it happened, but it does not look good. His back-up is sophomore Patrick Cowan. Cowan has thrown just four passes this season.

5:40 in the first
The offense is playing terrible at this point. Tuitama fumbles the snap on first down and on second down is tripped by his own lineman before he can hand it off.

1:59 in the first
Touchdown UCLA. Cowan hits a slant pass for the score. At the same time Olson is carted off the off the field and into the locker room.

1:38 in the first
Cats show some life. Steptoe returns the kickoff to the 50. Sadly Tuitama is swarmed by three Bruins on the next play.

0:00 in the first
It is time to bench Peter Graniello. I hate to call out a kid, but he just watched not one, but two Bruins run right by him.

13:01 in the second
If someone is not playing for Graniello on this drive I may puke.

12:34 in the second
Tuitama is down. He took a shot, this time from the right side. The officials missed the helmet to helmet contact. It is official, Tuitama leads the nation in helmet to helmet hits.

12:22 in the second
Adam Austin is in and he completes a long pass to Steptoe. It looks like Tuitama may be out for awhile. It appears to be the head again.

9:49 in the second
Cats get bailed out. On third and 21 UCLA roughs the passer and the Cats get a first down. The replay shows that it is a bad call. Probably a make-up call for the Tuitama hit.

9:34 in the second
Johnson with a great one-handed catch and the Cats are inside the 15.

8:41 in the second
Thomas scores on a quick screen. Austin leads the Cats to a touchdown. Both starting QB's lead the teams to scores on the first possession.

8:15 in the second
It didn't take long. The Bruins are down to the UA 20 in just seconds. Note: I missed the on-side kick while flipping over to the Yankees/Tigers game. I did not learn about this until a phone call a bit later

7:25 in the second
Cats give the momentum right back. Pat Cowan is pressured but threads the needle and hits a receiver who is double covered in the endzone. Cats trail 14-7. Cowan looks far more impressive than Olson.

7:02 in the second
Borg is in for Hawes at left guard. On that very play Jennings scoots for almost nine yards, the best run of the day.

5:03 in the second
Bruins recover a fumble but replay shows that it could be ruled an incomplete pass. We'll just have to see if there is enough evidence to support that. My guess is that the call will stand.

Cats keep the ball. There is apparently substantial video evidence to overturn the fumble.

4:50 in the second
Why does every announcer think Tuitama is fast? They just said that had Tuitama been at quarterback that he would have picked up a first down when Austin couldn't. Neither player is a speedster, but I think Austin may have a faster 40 time.

3:30 in the second
Every time the Cats do something well they commit a stupid penalty. They convert on fourth and one, get five yards on first down, then commit a stupid false start penalty where Kerley fails to snap the ball. Cats settle for a field goal attempt where Folk comes up a yard or two short. The kick had the accuracy, but not the length. Defense must hold.

2:00 in the second
Cats don't seem to be in any kid of hurry. They have not used a timeout and seem to be content to run some clock despite a chance to get on the board before the half. Not sure I agree with this one.

0:46 in the second
Another drive, another penalty. Ganiello is called for a personal foul. Instead of ball near midfield, the Cats have the ball at their own 25. Thanks to the penalty, the Cats quite playing for a field goal and instead play conservative to avoid giving the ball back.

At the half
I switch over to the Cal/Oregon game and the Bears are wearing bright yellow jerseys. I guess they are trying to out-Oregon the Ducks, because they are pretty damn ugly.

9:50 in the third
Bruins are driving. They have converted a number of third and shorts. Cats are making them work but can't make a big stop.

8:38 in the third
Cats hold on third and long, but the Bruins kick a short field goal and now lead 17-7. Need to see how the Cats respond.

8:30 in the third
Bruins try to catch the Cats napping with a little pooch kick between the Wildcat front line and second line of blockers. The Cats recover and get five extra yards thanks to a UCLA offsides penalty.

4:05 in the third
The Cats have let the Bruins out of a huge hole. They began the drive inside their own ten and are now near midfield. Pat Cowan is killing them with his legs and his arm. You'd never guess he was the second stringer.

3:28 in the third
UCLA now has the ball inside of Arizona territory thanks to a personal foul on an illegal hit against McCovy.

3:16 in the third
Let's add a pass interference call against Cason. Now they are at the UA 25.

2:21 in the third
Cats hold, UCLA will settle for a field goal. They lead 20-7. The Cats will get only their second possession of the half.

:57 in the third
Austin was 7-10 in the first half. By my count he is 0-4 in the second half. He has to find the rhythm. As I typed that sentence, Austin held the ball too long and took a big sack.

0:00 in the third
Austin completes a pass, but it was third and 20 and the Cats will have to punt. The quarter is over and they ran just eight offensive plays in the third.

13:16 in the fourth
Hey, big shocker, the Wildcats drop another interception. This time Ronnie Palmer would have had to make a one-handed catch, but he still had a chance to make a game changing play. The Cats do get the stop on third down and get the ball back. They almost have to score here to have any chance.

11:14 in the fourth
Daniel Borg is back in the game and the offense starts moving. Coincidence? I don't think so. The line is just better with Borg in for Hawes.

8:18 in the fourth
Cats face a crucial fourth down at the UCLA 30. They must convert to have any chance to win and they don't. Austin misses high to Anthony Johnson and barring a big turnover, the game, and possibly the Wildcats season is over.

6:04 in the fourth
Cats run a screen to Henry and he picks up a big chunk of yardage. It has become apparent that he is just not a halfback. In the backfield, he stops or runs laterally when he should turn it up-field. On the screen he caught the ball in stride and got some good yards with his legs. To me he needs to be a WR, FB or TE. You need to utilize his speed in the open field because he isn't getting it done in the backfield.

4:50 in the fourth
Hey, it is a drop by Thomas. We haven't had a bad drop all night. This would have given the Cats the ball inside the UCLA 20.

4:19 in the fourth
Game over. Austin throws a lazy out pass to Thomas and the UCLA DB jumps the route and races about 80 yards for the game clinching score. Steptoe did Austin no favors as he failed to come to the ball.

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