Stoops promises changes

By now all Wildcat fans know that Dana Dimel has been promoted to co-offensive coordinator. At the time of his weekly press conference he was not ready to make that announcement but did promise some changes. Here are some of the highlights from the press gathering.

Mike Stoops' opening statement:

Mike Stoops: There are obviously things that are broken and obviously need to be fixed. What we are doing doesn't seem to be working as well as we would like. There will be some minor changes as we move forward."

"There will be some minor changes, nothing too drastic."

"Our inability to run the football. To have three straight games of negative yardage really hurts our progress offensively and really stressed us in a variety of different ways. To have that freedom me as a defensive coach, that is something I have never felt comfortable doing. It is something you shouldn't be getting away with, at the liberty people are doing it. free wheeling. It bothers me. We have to try to fix it."

"I was pleased with the way Adam came in and handled everything. His poise and command was sharp until the last throw. I thought our receivers, the trio, played their best game and their most productive game in some time. I thought our protection at times got better, but we are not handling blitzes the right way. The negative yardage plays are absolutely driving me crazy. going the wrong way, fumbling snaps, those are things that an average team is hard to overcome. Our margin for errors is very minimal. those plays compound everything."

"Defensively we played pretty well. I thought we controlled the run game." The threat of the run made us execute the right way. they out executed some plays. You can out execute every team. they are going to get theirs. We are out of place on a couple of position. Their quarterback spun around and made some good plays."

"The problems we are having defensively is we did not have as sack and we didn't have a turnover."

"In hindsight, trying to create a play through the kicking game was probably not the smartest thing. I am trying to create plays and some scoring opportunities. We need to. Defensively we are struggling to make those plays too. We dropped numerous interceptions. We are a little bit off in a couple of plays."

"Sometimes we look like we are so far away, other times we are not. There are some problems we have to fix. I recognize that and it is my responsibility. I am going to do what I think is best for this football team and this football program, always."

"Stanford has a lot of the same issues we do. They came in here and didn't; turn the ball over and we turned it over five times and lost the game. We are two teams trying to find our way. a win will go along way. This is a big game for us."

"Defensively they have struggled, but they are very equipped to play good defense. they have played good defense at times this year. They had 200 yards of offense last year and beat us. That is the thing that is scary. They are going to play to their strengths and not beat themselves. that is something we have to do better in managing a game."

On the condition of Willie Tuitama:

Stoops:"He has a pretty good concussion. We ill be very conservative with him throughout this week and his available will be questionable for Saturday."

"You have to make sure he is healthy. We may look at a different helmet to get him a more protective helmet, give him one of the newer ones. Thos helmets are, I am not going to slander anybody, those helmets have worked. He got hit two pretty good times, and that one wasn't really in the helmet. We may look to changing his head gear too,"

On how long Tuitama is out:

Stoops:"I would say in this game for sure. it is not a game you want to put your quarterback in without quality repetitions. I would say fairly conservative with him because he has a long career in front of him, no question." "We will address daily and weekly to see where he is at and see where he feels. We will be very conservative with him."

On Kris Heavner becoming the primary back-up:

Stoops: Kris has had limited time but he has played and he knows the system. He will get more reps and will come in and do a good job, I'm sure of that. What we can put on him, I'm not sure, we will see."

"That is a tough position to go in. Adam prepare like a starter very week. that is not coaches speak. Adam is a very intelligent and smart. He has great arm strength. him and Willie are very similar in a lot of ways, their builds, their arms. he has done a great job and will do a great job on Saturday. We have a lot of confidence in him."

On the offensive line:

Stoops: "They are playing well. those kids are all going to be fine. they give us great effort and attitude and our competitors. they are playing well. They will get better. I am proud of the way they and competing. they have done their job. They just need to do better. Sure pet and Adam can play better. We are just a little bit off in what we are doing. We need to get back to some thing we were doing well. You start grabbing for things and it throws you out of whack. We are just out of it right now. We have to get it back to where we were we."

"Everybody says to simplify. That is not right. We simply things. if you can't do certain things than you are letting people do whatever they want against you. That is not right. I know what goes on. I a have not called an offensive play in my life, but I know what good defenses present and what challenges they present to our offenses every week. We are letting people get away with stuff that they shouldn't be getting away. They are going to keep doing it until we attack it properly."

"We are going to address certain issues and try to improve. We are not going to change totally who we are, but some things about the way we re doing them."

On young players seeing more action:

Stoops: "We are developing our players. We are not going to wholesale anything we do. the best players that give us a chance to win will play. Our kids shoot, they have been good. I am sure they have lost confidence in some of the things we do. That is my job is to get it back."

"We are letting people get away with a lot and it is hindering our passing game. You say, but we are throwing the ball, but the play they hit Willie they don't even respect the run fake. They go up and hit our quarterback. that is where it hurts you. If we runt eh ball there he is out the gate because the guy doesn't' squeeze and play technique the right way. it is hard to see fro your vantage point I guess that is whey we are coaches and you are writers and reporters. I would like to change every once in a while and give it a try."

"All is not lost We still have a lot to play for. the kids believe that. we have a great opportunity to win Saturday and take it one at a time. We are not far off. it seems like we are at times, but we have to get back to some things we got away from that are fractured right now."

On possibly blitzing more:

Stoops: "It is hard to blitz good run team all the time. You can say blitz them, that is easy to say. we put more pressure on this guy and we let a couple of guys he spun out. A couple of times we e were off our coverage. We pressured a decent amount Saturday. they did a better job protecting. It s not like we are trying to create pressure, we are not going to free wheel it. we are going to play sound fundamental football and still pressure the quarterback the right way. the thing is we have to get more active up front and get more pressure with our four man rush."

"We are going to move some personnel a little bit, we will see."

On Louis Holmes:

Stoops: "He really has done a pretty good job. he sprained his knee last week. didn't practice from Tuesday until game day. protective of his leg throughout the game,. minor mcl sprained leg whipped--it is the first time Louis has been hurt and it was a different experience for him and his production was down because of it."

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