The Power of One

Sometimes all it takes is the power of one – one player making one big play during one key moment in any one game. To see a big play unfold is a thing of beauty. To make one is an empowering rush of adrenaline because big plays can turnaround games, big games can turnaround seasons, and big seasons can erase bad memories.

Perhaps it's a tailback cutting back against the grain, slipping through a hole, and then bursting downfield and into the end zone. Perhaps it's a kick returner shaking off tacklers and going the distance because on this particular return he absolutely refuses to go down. Maybe it's a receiver making an incredible diving catch to reel in a poorly thrown ball that enables the team to convert on a critical third down. On defense, maybe it's a linebacker forcing and then recovering a fumble on a monster hit. Or, maybe it's a cornerback jumping an out route, intercepting the pass and taking it to the house. Whatever the play turns out to be, Arizona needs someone to make a big one – fast!

Arizona takes on the Stanford Cardinal tomorrow at a pivotal point in the Wildcats' season. Momentum from a win in Palo Alto should carryover into what will be an already jubilant atmosphere next week back in Tucson for Parents Weekend and the Oregon State game. With consecutive victories, three Saturdays from now the Wildcats would be a .500 club entering a road game against a very good, but beatable Washington State team. But who's looking ahead.

Right now, Arizona's lack of cohesiveness is costing them winnable games. Each player and coach needs to be accountable for their actions in the locker room, on the sidelines, and most importantly, when in the game. Arizona is a talented team who is better than their record. Unfortunately, in this business, the proof is in the pudding and simply put, Arizona so far is just not playing consistent enough football to win close games.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that every day is a new day and with each game comes the opportunity to turn things around. Will Arizona win tomorrow? I think they will. And with the minor coaching responsibility and player personnel changes Head Coach Mike Stoops made this week, Arizona won't need to rely on trickery to beat the Cardinal.

They will need players to make plays, though.

Assuming they do, Arizona wins 26-10.

Bear Down!

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