Wade wants to focus on football

Coming into this season Bobby Wade wanted people to talk about his on field accomplishments. With a lot of hard work the senior receiver was poised for a stellar season. Wade and the team busted their butts to get in shape for the campaign. Unfortunately an ugly off field incident has people talking for a different reason.

Over the summer Wade was involved in a fight outside a Scottsdale nightclub. Wade was pepper sprayed by police and arrested. He has been accused of making threats regarding a handgun in his automobile. To make matters worse, Wade failed to inform the coaching staff and missed a court date.

Wade has talked sparingly about the incident, but naturally wants to focus on football.

"Not at this time," Wade said of discussing the incident. "It's just something that has to be handled and taken care of. It happened and it happened. I made bad choices. I really have no comment about it right now. Right now I am more focused on this football team. I'm not trying to shy away from it. I'm just trying to concentrate on playing football."

Wade has good reason to concentrate on football. He and the rest of the Wildcats put in a lot of time over the off season. Not only did they hit it hard in the weight room, but the team worked the passing game on their own. The quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs spent a lot of time on the practice field perfecting routes and timing.

"We had the best turn out all summer," Wade said. "We averaged between 55-60 guys, which from the years that I've been here is a complete turnaround. We did a good job throwing in the summer. Got a chance to work against Pima and guys who came out here from other schools. We got good quality work in. A lot of one-on-one time, getting better with DBs and wide receivers. Running the routes that are in our playbook instead of last year just going out there and running our old offense."

Wade led the team in receiving a year ago and already at the start of training camp is a favorite of Jason Johnson. Wade has a knack for creating space between defenders and himself. He is also a threat to take even the shortest plays to the endzone.

He has thrived in the new Mackovic offense and should be even more effective as his and the team's familiarity of the offense increases.

"This year it is just honing our skills as compared to last year," said Wade. "Coming into this year it is completely different. It's more of honing our offense than trying to learn the offense. We have a better opportunity playing with teams this year, as compared to last year when we had a new coach and a new system."

Not only is Wade confident in the offense, he is excited by the prospect of playing with Johnson. He was Johnson's favorite target a year ago and that won't change. Their work together in the off season should only make the duo more lethal.

"I expect big things from Jason," Wade exclaimed. "I don't question Jason's decisions. He's a great thinker on the field. What we want Jason to do is play. We want him to relax more on the field. His arm strength got a lot better. He's throwing the ball harder. Jason's worked hard in the off season. He did what he needed to do to make this team better. We need a great quarterback to win games and I think Jason can fill that position. We threw the ball an awful lot this summer to work on timing."

Wade is a talented athlete who flirted with corner back as an underclassman. Although that isn't in the cards this season, Wade would love to showcase his abilities on both sides of the ball.

"I would love to play both ways," Wade said. "It just isn't going to happen this year. When coach Tomey was here we didn't push it hard enough."

Not many players can shut down Wade on the field. The talented wide out has the ability to go to the next level. After the incident over the summer it appears that the only thing that can slow down Wade is his own poor decisions.

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