Game Log: OSU 17, Arizona 10

It was another tough one if you were a Wildcat fan. The Cats struggled, but were still in it to the final play. It was yet another game with ups and downs. Another game where one minute the Cats looked doomed and the next when they show you that there is hope.

1:30 Before the start:
It will either be a small crowd or a late arriving one. Plenty of ticket were sold, but will they show?

Some notes: Willie Tuitama is suited up and was warming up with the team. He is not listed in the two-deep and I have heard nothing to suggest he'd play.

Brad Wood returns to the starting line-up. After some uncertainty about his future, it is nice to see him a part of this team.

14:56 in the first:
Cats catch the first break. The kick off goes out of bounds and Cats get good field position at the 35. 14:50 in the first:
Your starting quarterback today…Anthony Johnson! He becomes the fifth different starting quarterback of the Mike Stoops era.

13:25 in the first:
Johnson says in the game and actually throws on third and long. His pass is incomplete and the Cats punt.

13:15 in the first:
If field position is a key, then the Cats have the early edge. Folk's punt is downed at the six yard line.

12:51 in the first:
That did not last long. First pass goes for 23 yards and OSU is out of the early hole.

12:01 in the first:
Dominic Patrick has to come out of the game with an equipment problem and it is Corey Hall who replaces him. Xavier Kelley also gets some early action.

10:04 in the first:
Michael Johnson's tackling woes continue. He sniffs out a bubble screen but tries to tackle Sammie Stroughter way to high (and with only his arms) and the OSU WR scoots for a first down.

8:18 in the first:
Moore has all day to throw and the Cats pay. He finds Sammie Stroughter at about the 15 yard line, he makes one guy miss and out runs two other Cats for a 34-yard score. The Beavers do the worst thing possible, score early and chew up a ton of clock. Cats fall behind and that may spell doom with their uncertainties on offense.

8:04 in the first:
In two of their three wins the Wildcats have had to come back after being down. However, they have yet to win a game where they did not score first. The Cats are 3-1 in games they score first. They are 0-3 in games they don't

7:02 in the first:
Heavner comes in and overthrows Syndric Steptoe twice. The Cats go three and out for the second time. This time the Beavers get the ball at their own 42.

Food for thought: Heavner completed all four passes he threw against Stanford. He has missed on his first two today. It must be noted that Steptoe caught the second pass but Heavner led him too far and he was unable to get a foot inbounds.

5:47 in the first:
OSU is screening the Cats to death. They have thrown four or five of them so far.

4:45 in the first:
A much needed break for the Wildcats. Matt Moore throws into double coverage and Marcus Hollingsworth comes up with the pick.

4:22 in the first:
Cats finally get a first down. Jennings finds a hole and bursts 13 yards on first down.

3:30 in the first:
The Cats get a second first down, but give the ball back to OSU. Heavner fumbles the snap and the Beavers have the ball at the UA 45. The Cats cannot afford turnovers today, especially unforced turnovers. Cats need a stop or you could see this one getting away from this fragile team.

1:18 in the first:
Oregon State already has 10 first downs. The Cats wanted to force the Beavers into long possessions and so far they have. The problem is that it looks as if the Beavers will score on two of their first three possessions.

:12 in the first:
Yup, Matt Moore scores on a quarterback keeper. 14-0 Oregon State and this one is likely over. The Cats needed the defense to keep them in this game and so far they show no signs of being able to stop the Beavers. Conversely, the Wildcat offense is still struggling and shows no signs of scoring enough points to win anything more than a defensive slugfest.

14:08 in the second:
Not only did Kris Heavner complete a pass on third down, but Chris Henry made a tackler miss to pick up the first down.

The Cats follow that up with a run that loses three yards when Jennings is met in the backfield. Jennings and Henry must be nice kids because every defender just can't wait to introduce themselves five yards behind the line of scrimmage.

11:36 in the second:
I think Heavner has looked off more receivers in the first 20:00 of this game than he had in his first two years as a starter. He is getting time to throw and once he settled down he has been doing a nice job going through his progressions and throwing to the open receivers.

9:24 in the second:
On third and 20 Heavner has a wide open Johnson for the first down (and likely more) but he misses him badly and the Cats will be forced to punt. They moved the ball well before ANOTHER ill-timed penalty effectively kills a drive inside an opponent's territory.

5:53 in the second:
Cats get the big play on defense they need. Dane Krogstad picks off an ill-advised Moore pass and returns it to the OSU 13. Cats must get a TD. Anything less will kill the momentum.

5:24 in the second:
So what do the Cats do on first down? Lose two yards when Henry trips over a fallen pile of players.

4:50 in the second:
After an incomplete pass on second down (McCall trapped the ball) the Cats face a crucial third down…and they actually make something happen. Thanks to a blitz, the officials mark it about a yard short. This one will probably go replay like the McCall pass did.

4:42 in the second:
Nope, it doesn't and the Cats face fourth an a few links of the chain…Heavner goes up the gut and it will be close. It all depends on the spot.

Cats get it and the drive continues.

4:03 in the second:
We'll keep a running breakdown of the sequence inside the five.

First down: Henry up the middle with nowhere to go and no gain.

Second down: Cats try to go option out of the shot gun. Heavner bobbles the snap and loses about a half yard on the keeper to the left side.

Third down: Henry up the middle for two, but he's stood up at the goal line.

Fourth down: Cats throw on fourth and eight inches…and get nothing. Heavner has two tight ends in the same area…and missed them both. My only question is why do you have Kris Heavner trying to throw a touch pass when he has never shown the ability to throw a touch pass?

Cats out thought themselves on this one and pay for it.

1:16 in the second:
Well the defense holds and will punt out of their own endzone. The Beavers do the Cats a favor by throwing on third and nine. The incomplete pass stops the clock.

1:10 in the second:
Another bad move by the Cats. Syndric Steptoe calls for a fair catch at the OSU 45. He had one guy bearing down on him, but should have been able to run the opposite direction and gain some good yards.

Cats overcome that thanks to Henry. He takes a screen pass and races 29 yards to the OSU nine.

:13 in the second:
More stupidity. With no time outs Heavner throws a short pass to Henry in the middle of the field. The Cats must spike the ball for to stop the clock and have to settle for a field goal. This team needs to play smarter.

0:00 in the second:
Cats go into the half down 14-3. It could have been worse, but frankly, it could also be a lot closer.

12:57 in the third:
Good defensive stand for the Cats. They hold on third and short but try to give it back as Steptoe drops a punt. He should have called the fair catch, but instead coughs up the ball. Antoine Cason tries to scoop it up and run, failing to do either. Miraculously, he somehow steals it away from an OSU defender who pounced on it.

10:28 in the third:
Cats can't run block and a third and two becomes a fourth and three. Cats must punt.

9:54 in the third:
Folk booms a 78-yard punt that races into the endzone. The fans chant "MVP" as he comes off the field. Not a good sign when the biggest cheers of the night are for your punter.

6:40 in the third:
Believe it or not, the Cats are back in this one. Steptoe makes a questionable decision to field a punt and ends up slipping the tackle, tip toeing the sideline and racing 68 yards for the score.

4:30 in the third:
Momentum has officially swung. Cason nails an OSU receiver in the backfield and the crowd goes nuts. The announced crowd is over 57,000. Less than that showed up but it is a good sized crowd and they have started making some noise.

4:10 in the third:
Cats take a calculated risk. They held on third and 11, but take a personal foul against OSU and force them to replay the down at third and 27. They hold and get the ensuing punt at their own 39 yard line.

:50 in the third:
Watch magically as the Wildcats offense makes a first and five suddenly become a fourth and 24. Two bad runs, a penalty and a sack and the Cats squander a possession where they have momentum.

14:55 in the fourth
Thanks to a good Stroughter punt return the Beavers start the possession at the UA 47.

14:48 in the fourth
The Cats are in business again. Dominic Patrick forces a fumble and Spencer Larsen scoops it up. Unfortunately, the 43-yard line trips him up or else he has a great shot at going all the way.

13:54 in the fourth
Somehow no flag is called, despite the fact that the OSU noseguard jumped and made contact with Blake Kerley. Kerley wisely snapped the ball and Heavner rushed the ball for a yard in an effort to draw the penalty. There is no way that there was not an offsides or a false start on the play. Unfortunately, the no call means Arizona has second and long.

12:59 in the fourth
Cats go three and out and punt again. Another wasted opportunity as they had the ball inside the OSU 45.

11:01 in the fourth
OSU converts on third and long when Moore finds his TE in the seam for a 22-yard gain. Time is quietly becoming an issue.

7:57 in the fourth
Credit the Arizona defense. Although they let the Beavers drive down to their ten, they hold in the redzone and the Beavers settle for a field goal and a seven point lead.

6:49 in the fourth
Although Heavner had all day to throw, he can't find a receiver and loses five yards. The Cats now face third and 15 in what could be their final drive.

5:48 in the fourth
Cats run the draw on third and 15 and he gets about 14 and a half. Cats will go for it. This is probably the game, and possibly the season right here.

5:10 in the fourth
It was gut check time, and this time the Cats prevail. Heavner goes up the middle and gets the six inches he needs, plus another six inches for good measure.

3:58 in the fourth
Heavner keeps the play alive with his feet, gains two and the Cats will face third and long one at the 50.

3:28 in the fourth
MOVE THE CHAINS! Henry gets the first. Cats inside Oregon territory for the fifth time tonight.

3:14 in the fourth
Arizona uses a timeout. Not good, as they may need them still. I guess it is better to be sure than to lose yards because you are confused, but still.

2:25 in the fourth
Kris Heavner throws an absolutely BRUTAL pick. He lofts a soft pass in the vicinity of Anthony Johnson but all he can do is play defensive back as Joey LaRocque is just waiting for the ball.

0:00 in the fourth
The Cats wound up getting the ball back and did a great job moving the ball to the 28 of OSU. The next play Heavner is sacked for a 12 yard loss and on the game's final play Heavner is flushed and does a great job staying alive but throws an off balanced pass that is picked off at the two. It looked as if he had two open receivers on the play. One in the endzone and one at about the 10, but he was flushed and off balance. Tough way to end the game but give the offense credit for moving the ball and having a chance.

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