Random Thoughts II

There's nothing more random than a random thought. With Arizona in a bye week, I'm looking forward to a stress free weekend of watching games and gaining a clearer understanding of the national landscape. From basketball to football and from Charlie Weiss to The Killers, here's what's been on my mind…

Ivan Radenovic dropped 35 points last night. Now, I know it was only the Red and Blue Scrimmage, but still. I don't care if it was in a men's Sunday night 6' and under league game, 35 points is still 35 points. Arizona will need a consistent scorer at the 4 or 5-spot to be really successful this season. If Radenovic forces teams to defend him in the post, Budinger, McClellan, Williams and the other wingmen will get a lot of open looks and one-on-one opportunities from the perimeter.

I believe Tommy Tubberville and Charlie Weiss will both unseat their incumbent opponents on Election Day 2006, which is now less than two weeks away. Both have hit the campaign trail hard this year. Wait, what? Oh, that's right – they were politicking for their football teams. My bad. Sometimes I get the polls confused.

I was reading someone's blog this week on how they believed that rock group sensation The Killers had sold out in order to make a hit album. For those out there who stubbornly refuse to embrace the concept of Capitalism and are right now stirring Top Ramen over a fire pit in their backyard, forgive me for saying, "who cares." It's a killer album. I hate the phrase "selling out" anyway. Where's the nobility in spending your whole life playing Def Lepard covers out of your parents' garage? The Killers wanted success so they did what they had to do to make it happen, which leads me to my next point…

Arizona has a bye this weekend, affording them a few extra practice sessions to work on fundamentals, implement new schemes and so on. The Wildcats have four games left and none of them are easy. I know our players and coaches want to be successful more than anyone else. Let's see if they are willing to do what they have to do during the schedule break to make it happen.

Not to harp on the negative, but the Los Angeles Times ran a story today on USC's inability to cause turnovers and get to their opponents' quarterback. The Trojans only have nine sacks on the season. Five of those came against the Wildcats. Ugh!

Saturday's TV schedule in the L.A. Market again perplexes me as the 12:30 ABC game is Minnesota versus Ohio State. If you're going to give me an out of market game in this traditional Pac-10 time slot, I'll take Oklahoma/Missouri or Georgia Tech/Miami.

Do you ever notice that Big 10 football is only exciting to watch when their teams play out of conference games? There's a reason why Big 10 conference games are typically aired at 9 and 9:30 AM on the west coast. It's because it allows many of us to rise early, hit the gym or go for a run, get back in time for College Gameday at 7, and then take a cat nap during the first half of the Big 10 game.

The ESPN/Coaches Poll was released. Arizona's preseason ranking is #10. Wisconsin's is #8. I wonder how much the Badgers improved since last year's season-ending shellacking at the hands of the Wildcats to warrant their higher ranking.

Don't ask me why but I have a sneaking suspicion that Georgia is going to upset Florida this weekend. For those of you paying close attention to my predictions this season, mortgage your house on the Gators to prevail – BIG!

I could've sworn that the NHL season began the same week as the NBA season. To my surprise some teams have already played 10 games.

Will somebody please put an NFL team in Los Angeles so I can stop being forced to watch the Raiders play every Sunday?

I'm glad Jim Livengood gave a vote of confidence to Mike Stoops this week. Stoops is the right man for the job. My colleagues here at Wildcat Insider have duly noted that we are playing an abundance of underclassmen and as much as it pains me to lose, I can deal with the losing a little longer if the sacrifices of going young now reap long term benefits for the program.

Bear Down, Arizona!

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