Red/Blue game evals

The Red/Blue scrimmage is just the first taste we get of the Wildcat basketball team. A lot can, and will, change as the team continues to practice and work together, but we can develop some first impressions of this team. For the most part those first impressions are good.

Ivan Radenovic: Radenovic is never flashy. He won't wow you with high flying moves or fancy ball handling. All the big man does is play solid, fundamental basketball. His 35 points were impressive but I was more intrigued with the way he ran the floor and how he always seemed to be in the right place.

Mustafa Shakur: Is it possible that the senior point guard is even faster than he was a year ago? He just seemed to be a step ahead on fast breaks all night long. Shakur is looking to pass, as 13 assists can attest to. For the most part he took good shots, but his stroke is still on the ugly side. Hopefully Shakur has figured out that passing the basketball will get him drafted, not jacking up bad shots as other Wildcats have done the past few seasons.

Jawann McClellan: McClellan doesn't have his legs back 100% yet, but he was really impressive. He made 3-5 three pointers, hit the boards and played hard. He is passing better than he has in year's past, but could stand to take care of the ball better.

Mohamed Tangara: The switch has not been completely flipped for Tangara but he did show some new things. He showed off a few new post moves and continues to board well. He still needs to do a better job playing under control, but his three assists and zero turnovers were a revelation.

Daniel Dillon: Dillon was actually a bit disappointing. He didn't shoot well and his defense was not great. He played so well on the Canada trip that I hoped to see him continue the stellar play. He did shoot better at the end of the game, but 1-5 from behind the arc and 4-13 overall just won't cut it.

Nic Wise: I have said for some time the Wise has a chance to be a fan favorite and he did nothing to prove me wrong in the scrimmage. He shot well, passed well and showed that he can get his shot off against bigger players. He used his strength well and does work his tail off. Six turnovers is too many and you have to wonder if he will be able to attack the basket in the regular season, but the so far, so good for Wise.

J.P. Prince: Although Prince spent the entire scrimmage on the wing, he showed a lot of good things. He passed well, even if he did not have the assists to show for it. He played under control and took good shots. His long arms really disrupt the passing lanes and he has a chance to be a heck of a defender. He is also doing a much better job as a rebounder.

Chase Budinger: It was not the McKale debut that the freshman wanted. He finished with a good point total, but shot poorly. Overall he was 8-20 from the field and just 2-8 from behind the arc. He had eight turnovers, many coming off uncharacteristic mental errors like stepping on the sideline. He did rebound well and worked hard on the defensive end. He needs to move better without the ball, but you could say that about a lot of these guys. He doesn't appear to have all of his explosiveness back after missing a few weeks following surgery to remove his tonsils.

Fendi Onobun: Frankly, I was expecting more from Onobun. He never really exerted himself. He's too big and quick not to give players a headache on the defensive end, but he just had eight points. Even worse, he only had three rebounds. He missed a lot of time over the summer, and hopefully that has a lot to do with his play on Thursday.

Jordan Hill: Hill showed flashes of being special during the scrimmage. He's wildly athletic for a big man and you can see him developing into a heck of a shot blocker down the line. He rebounded very well, but seven personal fouls shows there is work to do on defense.

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