Fontenot looking for redemption

The last time Arizona and Washington State met the Cats lost in the final minutes. Everyone remembers the improbable fumble, but few remember the actual score that gave WSU the lead. One Wildcat defensive back remembers it all too well.

Most Wildcat fans can tell you all about the Gilbert Harris fumble. They remember the ball popping straight up into the air, despite the fact that the Wildcat fullback had both hands on the ball.

Fans remember the feeling of elation as it seemed as if the Cats were going to be able to run out the clock. Fans remember the sinking feeling when the ball popped loose. Fans certainly remember the feeling of dread when the official pointed in the direction of the Washington State endzone.

Most in attendance that day felt the game was over, despite the fact that the Cougars still had to score a touchdown. You could feel the air rush out of the stadium, and in turn, out of the Wildcat defense.

Few remember that Josh Swogger found Jason Hill in the corner of the endzone for the 15-yard game winning score.

Wilrey Fontenot remembers all too well. He was the defender on the play.

"Jason Hill, two years ago he had a great game against me," Fontenot said. "Hopefully I can redeem myself against him."

Fontenot had decent position on the play, but Hill just made the play and gave the Cougars an improbable win.

The junior corner could beat himself over that final play, but instead he hopes to use the game as something to build upon.

"Motivation, yes," Fontenot replied when asked if he had extra motivation to line up against the Cougars again. "Part of it was my fault, things I was doing wrong and he made some big plays."

Hill is still in uniform for WSU and Fontenot would love to get one back from one of the league's top pass catchers.

Mike Stoops has been pleased with Fontenot's play this season, but feels that he can play even better. Fontenot has done a nice job in limiting big plays, but he has not made many big plays either.

"He has to learn how to keep making plays and be a more active player during the course of a game," Stoops said.

Stoops pointed to the fact that Antoine Cason is not afraid to pick up the occasional pass interference call, but it means that he is challenging receivers, trying to make things happen. Stoops would like to see that type of aggressiveness from his other corner.

"I don't think Wilrey has gotten quite confident in that yet," Stoops said.

Fontenot and the rest of the Wildcat defensive backs will be tested against WSU. The Cougars not only have Hill, they have one of the best, if not the best receiving corps in the Pac-10.

"Their receivers make plays," Stoops said. "They probably have three of the best receivers as a group that rank up there statistically with USC's guys."

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