Game Log: Cats down Victoria Vikes

The Cats have played two exhibition games and have won each game by over 50 points. Both games were over early, so it is tough to tell how good the Cats really are, but they have taken care of business.

7:25 p.m.
I receive a text message from John "Zonaballa13" Jones. He predicts a 25-point night from Chase Budinger and dares me to put it in the game log. Here ya go!

20:00 in the first
The Cats go with the small line-up which means that Chase Budinger will jump. Budinger wins the jump ball. He's on the floor with Mustafa Shakur, Jawann McClellan, Marcus Williams and Ivan Radenovic.

I don't want to say that this one will be easy, but two Victoria players just hit the floor carrying hockey sticks and wearing Vancouver Cannucks' jerseys.

19:05 in the first
The Cats have scored five points in the first 1:00. Right now they are on pace for 200 points.

18:25 in the first
Chase Budinger nails a three that doesn't move the net. He is 22 points away from Zona's prediction.

16:24 in the first
Marcus Williams with a great drive and dunk. Are you sure he's missed two weeks with an ankle injury? He hasn't missed a step since the NCAA Tournament last year.

14:14 in the first
Cats lead 26-5. Victoria decides to pull the goalie.

12:42 in the first
Williams misses a three. It is the first missed three pointer of the game for the Wildcats. They made the first five of the game. So far it does not appear that outside shooting will be an issue with this team.

8:35 in the first
Wise has still not missed a shot at McKale. His made three is his 9th straight shot in the two exhibitions.

7:35 in the first
The Cats are really working the passing game. Inside, outside and then around the perimeter. Yu can see the Phoenix Suns' influence on that one. McClellan caps the possession when he buries the three.

5:33 in the first
Jordan Hill is the recipient of great passes on two straight possessions. On each occasions he gets an easy lay-in.

19:36 in the second
Jacob Doerksen with a steal of Shakur and what appears to be an easy breakaway. Shakur catches up with him and gets the block.

19:26 in the second
Budinger scores his 12th point. He is 13 away from Zona's bold prediction.

18:31 in the second
Cats have doubled up Victoria 66-33.

17:16 in the second
Suddenly Budinger has 18. He's 6-7 from the field. Somewhere Zona is giggling like a little school girl.

16:26 in the second
Cyril Indome finds a loose ball on the baseline and converts a slick up and under move that goes HIGH off the glass.

15:00 in the second
I'm not sure, but the Vikings may have gone to the neutral zone trap. Hopefully the officials will crack down on clutching and grabbing.

14:17 in the second
A silky smooth spin move by Williams. It was so slick that the judges on "Dancing with the D-list celebrities" just gave him a nine. All that was missing was a leggy Russian woman in sequins.

The Cats lead by 39. This team lost to ASU by just three points. I don't know if that means the Cats are that good or the Sun Devils are that bad.

13:44 in the second
Walters has three blocks in just a handful of minutes. Of course the Vikes don't have a player over 6-6 on the floor. Walters also looks winded pretty quickly out there.

11:40 in the second
Just missed the past 2:00 of game time because Laval Lucas-Perry just called me back for an interview (look for it soon). In that span the Cats went up by 41.

10:20 in the second
J.P. Prince makes his first appearance of the game. This does not bode well for him cracking the rotation. That just tells you how much talent is out there when a player as skilled as Prince is not one of the top three options for the Cats off the bench.

8:37 in the second
Jordan Hill with the steal at half court. He drives down to the arc before dishing to Wise. Silly freshman, someone needs to tell Hill that 6-9 power forwards are not supposed to be able to pick a guard at mid court.

6:56 in the second
Hill throws down a sweet one-handed dunk that gets all of his teammates excited. It is a very nice dunk but how excited should you get when you were dunking on a 6-5 Canadian kid.

5:38 in the second
Bret Brielmaier's two free throws get the Cats to the century mark.

5:06 in the second
The Wildcats lead 101-51 but just can't find a way to double up the Vikes. They've had at least five chances, including a free throw and a few put-back opportunities.

4:58 in the second
On the floor right now: Prince, Brielmaier, Tangara, Hill and Onobun. I guess Fendi is the two-guard and I am not sure there is a small forward. Onobun may actually be the shortest player on the court.

3:30 in the second
David Bagga scores and the Wildcats lead by 54. The bad news is that Bagga scored before Tangara and Bagga can.

1:17 in the second
Fendi Onobun misses the foul shot and the ball comes right back to him. In frustration he rifles the ball back to the referee, too hard in fact. The sophomore quickly apologizes a few times to the dismayed official.

0:00 in the second
110-56 is the final. Cats can't quite double up the Vikings abut a 54-point win is nothing to sneeze at.

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