Game Log: Cats fall to UVA

Admit it, when the Cats went up 19 we all thought it was over. Maybe you were thinking 'these guys are really, really good'. You can admit it, I was thinking the same thing. Of course then Sean Singletary happened and the Cats end up losing. The guys are still pretty good, but they also have work to do.

0:00 before the tip
You know this is a big deal when Michael Buffer is announcing the starting line-ups. He's not cheap, so I guess the he's either a UVA grad OR the Virginia athletic department is making some good money these days.

From the wife: "Jason Cain, 1970 called and they want their mustache back."

Budinger will jump against the 6-10 Cain and Cain sends the ball right at his head coach.

19:40 left in the first
How's that for confidence? Budinger takes a jumper just seconds into the possession. He misses and the Cavs score on the ensuing possession. 5:15 p.m.
We have no graphics on the screen. No clock and no score.

18:39 left in the first
There it is. We seem to have an intermittent scoreboard at the top of the screen.

17:51 left in the first
Thanks to a great pass from Shakur, Chase's first collegiate bucket is a slam dunk all alone down low.

16:52 left in the first
Cats look pretty bad to start the game. They are not shooting well and defensively they are giving up too many open looks. It is 10-4 Virginia.

16:07 left in the first
Four straight Radenovic points, including a three pointer and they are within a bucket 10-8.

15:20 left in the first
UVA goes to the zone and the Cats are patient. McClellan drives and loses the ball but the ball squirts to Ivan who lays it in.

14:02 left in the first
Our first Wildcat off the bench? Daniel Dillon. He replaces McClellan.

13:14 left in the first
Chase with a three from the corner. By my count he is at seven points in seven minutes.

11:51 left in the first
Dillon nails a three and the Cats lead by eight.

11:20 left in the first
Walters comes in, alters a shot, has a rebound in his hands and gets clocked in the head. Interesting sequence.

Nic Wise also entered the game and almost turned the ball over on his first possession. 10:57 left in the first
Wise nails a long three on that same possession. Welcome to college basketball Nic.

9:40 left in the first
Chase drives the baseline, while McClellan cuts down the opposite baseline. Chase gives up the ball to Jawann and he makes a sensational, acrobatic bank shot.

8:34 left in the first
Jordan Hill makes his debut as the Cats go with two bigs for the first time tonight.

8:19 left in the first
Hill is on the floor for a whole 15 seconds before swatting away a Cain shot.

7:42 left in the first
Cats on the break. Marcus Williams finishes with a reverse slam dunk.

6:38 left in the first
Interesting sequence for Dillon. He grabs a tough, tough rebound in traffic and gets the ball back on the perimeter where he misses the three. The Cats get the board and he gets another three…and misses. On the ensuing defensive possession he grabs a very tough defensive rebound amongst the trees.

4:31 left in the first
Chase now has 11 thanks to a baseline dunk. The Cats lead by 16.

I get a text message from John "Zonaballa13" Jones of message board fame and he is already predicting multiple NBA All-Star appearances for Chase.

4:00 left in the first
Ridiculous shot by Marcus. He drives, is fouled and throws up a desperation shot that finds the bottom of the net. He did miss the foul shot however.

2:42 left in the first
Nice inside-outside play between Jawann and Ivan and McClellan gives the Cats a 19 –point lead with his three.

1:34 left in the first
Singletary shoots a 24-footer and drains it. The Cavs are not doing much inside the paint, maybe they can do better from WELL beyond the arc.

0:00 left in the first
A 7-2 run by UVA gets them within 13 at the half.

17:11 in the second
UVA opens up the second half on a run. The 13-point lead is down to seven. The Cats are rushing shots and the Cavs are hitting everything.

16:40 in the second
Down five Diane misses a lay-in that would make it a one possession game. Had the bank fallen the arena would have gone absolutely nuts.

13:17 in the second
Virginia within six thanks to a steal and a dunk by Singletary. The Cats have been treading water since Shakur left the game with three fouls. He may only have one point but his five assists and leadership is key.

12:08 in the second
Foul trouble is starting to mount for the Cats. Williams and Radenovic each have their third.

11:13 in the second
Over pursuit by the Arizona defense leads UVA with a wide-open three and they connect. On the ensuing possession the Cats rush the shot, UVA rebounds and Shakur picks up a stupid reach-in foul. It is his fourth and he will sit for a while. Even worse for the Cats, Singletary ties the game with his foul shots.

10:40 in the second
McClellan's two foul shots regain the lead.

10:03 in the second
Mikaluskas picks up two fouls in less than :30 and he has fouled out.

9:32 in the second
Cain may have a bad mustache, but he just made a really tough, off-balanced shot. He pump faked too many times and started to fall as he put up the shot.

5:40 in the second
The bank is open on Sunday in Virginia and the Cavs deposit a lead. A bank shot three puts them up 80-79.

5:10 in the second
McClellan answers with a three to five the Cats the lead right back.

4:11 in the second
With the game tied Shakur is back in, but Williams just picked up his fourth foul.

3:55 in the second
Cats are giving this one away. Dillon travels at the top of the key and the Cavs have the ball, up by a bucket.

3:12 in the second
Down 84-82 Marcus Williams misses a pair of free throws. To make matters worse, he fouls out on the ensuing defensive possession. Lute Olson has a decision to make. Dillon or Wise? Or does he go big?

He goes with Hill.

2:44 in the second
Ivan makes just one of two and the Cats trail three. They must get a defensive stop but have not shown the ability to do that in some time.

2:21 in the second
Walters, who played about one minute in the first half, comes in and instantly rebounds a missed foul shot.

1:38 in the second
TERRIBLE foul on Walters. With just three seconds left on the shot clock, Walters fouls the UVA point guard. Singletary makes both foul shots and the Cats trail three. They have been terrible on offense in the second half…

1:23 in the second
But not on that possession. They work quickly, but effectively and Ivan nails the wide open three from the corner.

:52.2 in the second
After a Cav basket, the Cats catch a break when Shakur is fouled. He can trim the lead without the clock ticking down.

He makes both and we have another two point game.

:30 in the second
UVA turnover and the Cats choke it away. Shakur knocks the ball away, McClellan picks it up, dribbles into traffic and tries to leave it for Radenovic, who in turn has it knocked away.

:16.9 in the second
Singletary misses one of two fouls shots. Cats need two possessions.

:12.5 in the second
Shakur draws a foul again. He makes two and this one is a two-point game again.

:8.5 in the second
Shakur fouls out. Even worse, four seconds tick off the clock before they can get the foul. To their credit, they did knock the ball loose, but could not get a turnover.

Reynolds, with an eye that is nearly swollen shut, makes just one of two and the Cats have a shot.

0:00 in the second
Terrible loss on a terrible decision. The Cats get the ball to J.P. Prince, a player who had just come into the game and was completely cold. Prince fires up a 22 footer and clanks it. Prince got a good, albeit a deep, look at it but why was he in and not Dillon who had played previously?

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