Stoops media gathering highlights

Monday's press gathering was like any other, except for only the second time in the Mike Stoops era the coach was talking about back-to-back wins. Here are some highlights from the session.

On the cornerbacks:

It was the best combination they have played with Cason and Fontenot. Wilrey emergence has helped us the last two weeks. He contested a lot of throws and made some great plays.

I thought our pressure was good, we didn't sacks but I thought we made it uncomfortable for him all day.

On what the team has improved on:

The bottom line is we didn't turn it over. To win the turnover battle 3-0 is something we have to do.

Our time of possession is second in the conference. Those are things that play into winning. Those are things offensively we are doing well at this time. We have been pretty effective the lat two weeks playing this style of game. This is the model we have to build this team around.

On Oregon:

Another tough battle. We have our work cut out for down the stretch. They see a tangible goal at the end of the road. It is all in front of us. We have to play well the next two weeks these next two weeks. We are playing well and this is a good time to be playing well. This is different than any time we have been here.

On the UA defense:

You can see all year defensively we were playing, playing and playing. Now we are getting some points on the board. It makes a big difference in winning and losing. I like the way we have been playing.

Up front the young kids are battling hard. It becomes a physical contest sometimes. They played well and they are doing a good job We have to keep fighting and scratching for some of the tough yards. And keep executing some things and keep finding some big plays.

More on the Ducks:

Oregon, statistically speaking, on both sides of the ball they are very, very good. They have no apparent weaknesses. They can run it and they can throw it offensively. They have more balance in their offense than they ever have. They give you a lot of different looks.

They throw the ball around well. They put a lot of work into their run game. That is evident in their play. It is a tough match-up. They will put put eight or nine guys in the box and we have to find some plays again out there so we can push the ball down the field. This is will be a lot like the game we just played.

I still believe it is a good match-up for us. We are relatively healthy.

On the young safeties, Hall and Klyce:

They made important plays…They played solid and really happy with those guys getting a chance. It is nothing to worry about. You just got to do what you have to do and play the defense. They made plays too. If we have to call upon them they gives you more confidence and more depth.

On what the past two days had been like:

This is kind of how we envisioned it. I always watch and think we are pretty good. When you don't win, you think maybe we are not so good, I don't know. I have watched football for a long time. You go back after a couple of games and watch. We are very capable…

The difference is we are managing the games better. We are not tacking big sacks, fumbles, interceptions, and we are getting some scoring. It is where we are at. I see improvement all the time. People get tired of hearing it from me. That is how it is. You have to keep faith and keep practicing, what else can you do. You have to keep working on getting better if you are 10-0 or 5-5. I think we can play a whole lot better than we did the other night.

On Wilrey Fontenot:

At some point you have to show up and he is showing up. He has a lot of confidence. It is good to see him make plays and showing up. That was the difference in the game, his play was the difference. That third and 3 or four knocked down. Most people can't make that play. He has the whole outside third. The guy can't run by him and he breaks and knocks it down.

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