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It was another crazy weekend of sports, especially the Wildcats. The football team wins, the basketball team loses and a lot has happened in both college and pro sports.

If anyone had told me that of the four teams I have rooting interest for over the weekend, that it would be the Wildcat football team that would win, I would not have said they were crazy, but I may not have believed it. The Chiefs lost to the lowly Dolphins, the Giants got manhandled by the Bears and the basketball team blew a huge lead to Virginia. Of those, only the Giants/Bears game seemed likely.

Yes, I root for both the Giants and the Chiefs. I am a football bigamist. Blame my dad, he led me down that path by openly rooting for both teams. In the end the Chiefs are my favorite team, but the Giants are a close second.

Anyone realize that Mike Stoops is 4-8 against ranked teams? He is 3-0 against D-IAA teams, and 4-13 against unranked D-I teams. The Wildcats have a higher winning percentage against ranked teams than they do unranked teams.

If you don't get on the Cats' defense early you may not be able to. The defense has allowed 176 points all year, but 113 have been scored in the first half. Broken down by quarter it looks like this: 51 in the first, 55 in the second, 37 in the third and just 26 points in the fourth. Those numbers do not include the three defensive scores and the one special teams score against the Cats.

How weird was the weekend? The basketball team blew a 19-point lead, while the football team erased a 14-point lead.

Although the Wildcats looked like world beaters for the first 17:00 on Sunday night, I kept thinking that they were winning in spite of themselves. They were taking some iffy shots and not passing as well as they have shown. The shots were falling and the Cavs had no answer. By the second half the shots were no longer falling and the Cavs clawed their way back into the game.

Although he struggled in the second half, one has to be impressed with Chase Budinger. His first half was one heck of a debut. Not only did he score, but he also passed well.

Raise you hand if you thought the Cats would score 90 and lose…I didn't think so.

How about the play of Corey Hall? The safety started in place of an injured Dominic Patrick and played a great game. He had the pick and a number of big hits.

Antoine Cason was named Pac-10 play of the week for his efforts, and rightfully so, but Wilrey Fontenot may have played his best game of his Wildcat career. His coverage on DeSean Jackson in the second half was great.

The Wildcat offense has one turnover in the last two weeks.

Watching Cal's Jackson, it becomes apparent that he is the type of breakaway threat that the Cats just don't have. As good as Syndric Steptoe and Mike Thomas are, they are better suited to be complimentary receivers. They are both No. 2 guys. If the Cats had either Jackson or Marshawn Lynch they would likely be 7-3 right now. Of course having a healthy Willie Tuitama all season may have been good for at least one more win.

Credit Chris Henry. The stats may not be gaudy, but he has run his best in the fourth quarter when the Cats needed to run off some clock.

A nationally syndicated comic strip called "Pearls Before Swine" is created by Cal grad Stephen Pastis. His strip on Friday featured two characters going to see "Tedford The All-Knowing Bear". They ask Tedford "what are the keys to eternal happiness?" His reply: "avoid costly turnovers". Think the real Tedford would agree?

In my opinion if USC runs the table there is no way they don't get into the championship game. They scheduled Arkansas, Nebraska and Notre Dame as their non-conference foes. No one else has that solid of a non-conference slate.

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