Beirne rushes the field

In Mike Stoops' first two years as Arizona's head football coach he and his staff garnered many early commitments and they were forced to use the months of December, January and early February to travel around and make sure that they did not lose any of their early commits to other schools.

This year the staff again had an early run of commitments but the season has so far been bare for receiving commitments as kids have taken a wait and see attitude towards the Wildcats.

Many recruits decided that they liked Arizona but they wanted to wait and see if there was real progress on the field before they would follow through with visits. With that being the general feeling among recruits, it is expected to be a very busy December and January again for the Wildcat staff, only this year they will be pitching and selling the program rather than deflecting criticism and keeping kids committed.

One of the Wildcats' early commitments, Hawaii signal caller Bryson Beirne, was in town this weekend on yet another unofficial visit and according to Bryson, the Cat coaches won't have to do much selling to keep him on the commit list.

"Oh man it was awesome this weekend," said an excited Beirne. "I got in on Friday and went right to the school and met up with Coach (Mike) Canales and I sat in on some of his meetings with his quarterbacks and then I went out and watched their walk through."

Bryson admitted that he did not know what to expect on game day as he was in the stands for both the Oregon State and Washington losses. With the 8th ranked team in town anything could have happened, but what actually did happen could not have been any better.

"Man, that game was awesome," he said. "I sat over near the student section with Conan (Amituanai) and it was a great time. I rushed the field with everyone else after the game and it was awesome. I mostly hung out all weekend with Conan and Mana (Mikaele). Mana and I basically grew up together so it was a great weekend."

During the game, Beirne also sat with a few other recruits that were in attendance.

"I sat with Conan and I also sat with Robbie (Gronkowski) and David Roberts," he said. "David was there on his official visit and Rob was there on an unofficial. David is a good cat and Rob is a huge tight end. They are both really good guys and we exchanged numbers and I am definitely going to keep in touch with them both."

When Beirne made his commitment he knows that he committed to Arizona and the entire program but he did admit that the main reason for his commitment was his future Coordinator and position coach.

"That is why I have so much fun and I always learn something when I come here and visit," Beirne admitted. "Coach Canales is a hell of a coach. I watch him run his meetings and teach his guys and coach his guys and he is the main reason I wanted to come to Arizona. He is a hell of a coach and a hell of a teacher."

Even though Bryson has been to Tucson many times on unofficial visits, he is still planning on using his official visit to see Arizona in a different way.

"I am going to come on my official for the ASU game to watch another win," he said with a laugh. "I know there are going to be a lot of other guys there and I know that Mana is going to be my host so it should be another great weekend. I love it here and I know my parents love it here too. I can't wait to get here full time. Everything is heading in the right direction and the program is ready to explode." will keep in touch with Beirne and every other visitor Arizona hosts as the recruiting season heats up in Tucson.

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