Olson to tweak line-up, rotation

No one should be surprised that Lute Olson was not happy after the loss to Virginia. After all the Cats dominated the first 17 minutes then proceeded to get worked by a team that just .500 a year ago. What may come as a surprise was Olson's candidness when discussing possible changes.

Olson made no attempt to hide the fact that he would be tinkering with the starting line-up and possibly the rotation for Wednesday's game against NAU.

"I think there will be changes in the starting line-up," Olson said. "I just don't know who it will be."

Olson played 10 players in the game but only seven players logged double figure minutes, with Kirk Walters and J.P. Prince playing less than four minutes combined. Bret Brielmaier, Fendi Onobun and Mohamed Tangara did not see the floor at all.

Not only is Olson changing up the starters, but he did not rule out a different set of players making up the eight man rotation.

"The rotation is not set yet," Olson said. "We need to have some people step up."

Olson made no bones about wanting to get Walters on the floor some more, but said that could not happen until the senior's conditioning was up to par after missing several weeks with a concussion.

"He's working really hard," Olson said, noting the Walters has spent extra time on the treadmill to better his conditioning.

"We need some veteran play out there," Olson continued. "He needs more time. We have to get him more time on the three-game home stand."

Olson would not elaborate any more about who would play or not play. He was asked about a few players and he was not very forthcoming with any answers.

He did have high praise for a few players.

He was quick to point out how well he felt Ivan Radenovic played and led. Not only did he score 24 points on 7-8 shooting, but he was also more vocal than he has been in his previous three seasons.

"Ivan's play was positive," Olson said. "Not only his physical play, but his leadership was positive."

Olson was very happy with the way that Chase Budinger played in the first half, but felt that he gave way to older players. He said that Budinger needs to get his shots, even if they come at the expense of an older player.

What freshmen have to do is forget," said Olson. "They have to forget if they are stepping on somebody's toes."

What exactly the changes are remain to be see, but we could be seeing them as early as the player introductions.

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