Brittain makes great gains

At the conclusion of last season most fans paid little notice when the Wildcats announced that Brad Brittain made the decision to move from tight end to defensive line. Brittain was a highly regarded tight end prospect who took a redshirt year due to the numbers game. He made the decision to move to the line and could very well wind up in the starting line-up when the Wildcats face NAU in two-weeks.

Brittain emerged as a force during the spring. He started at defensive end but found a home in the middle. Brittain turned a lot of heads in spring practice. He played so well that he entered training camp atop the depth chart.

Although Brittain was a top tight end in high school, he also played a lot of defense.

"I played d-line in high school as well," Brittain said. "I really liked defense a lot. It just ended up that I got recruited as a tight end, just because I played more offense in high school."

Brittain loves being on defense, especially at defensive tackle where he is turned loose to make plays. Playing a less-structured position suits the high energy Brittain.

"I'm pretty confident right now," Brittain said. "I'm not sure I'd be fitting in as well on the offensive side of the ball. I feel like I'm on the right side of the ball, at the right positions.

"Defensive tackle isn't as complicated as some of the other defensive positions like linebacker with signal calling or safety with reading offenses," he continued. "There is a lot of the mental game that comes with defensive tackle. You are in the middle of the trenches every play. You always have to be ready to get off with the ball right away. At other positions if you are half a step behind you can recover. At defensive tackle if you are half a step behind you are on your back. You have always got to be on your toes even if there aren't as many plays in the play book."

Brittain sat out last season and can't wait to hit the field. He hasn't played in almost two years and is chomping at the bit to see some action.

"I look forward to get on the field," Brittain said. "I haven't played in a college football game yet. I did well in the spring I thought. I just want to get on the field and get a chance to play right away. That's what I've been waiting for."

Brittain is one player who has made the most of the new training facilities. Brittain has packed on a lot of muscle and is sitting at between 275-280 pounds. He appears to have the size and strength to battle the big offensive linemen of the Pac-10.

"The weight room is great," said Brittain. "All of equipment is amazing. Brad Arnett has done a real good job to get us in the weight room and get us working hard. He has a great weight program. He helps us take care of our bodies. He helps us learn how to prepare our bodies for the next week not just make us strong. We have to prepare ourselves for the long season."

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