Game Log: Arizona/Oregon

This is a first in terms of game logs. It set out to be the first dual game log chronicling both the Arizona/Oregon game and the Ohio State/Michigan game. Two problems. 1. The Big 10 game started 15 minutes later than the Arizona game. 2. I got more involved in the Arizona game than the "game of the century".

0:00 before the game
It is 44 degrees with an 87% humidity. Not exactly Arizona weather. If you added the humidity in Tucson all week it wouldn't add up to 87%

13:33 in the first quarter:
The Cats are really hitting, but not tackling. They need to do a better job wrapping up.

11:28 in the first quarter:
Arizona uses Klyce as a spy and Dixon still gets a 10-yard pick-up. Klyce stayed in front of Dixon but he gave too much cushion and Dixon got by him.

9:34 in the first quarter:
Cats allow Oregon to drive down near the 10, but hold the Ducks to a field goal. If they can contain Dixon's legs the Cats could be just fine.

9:07 in the first quarter:
Michigan makes it look easy. They pass, pass, pass and have the ball inside the one. Hart runs it in. 7-0 Michigan.

4:01 in the first quarter:
Henry has two big runs and a great stiff arm. He caps off the drive with 15-yard run, 7-3 Cats.

2:53 in the first quarter:
Arizona's upset of Cal was just mentioned on the Ohio State/Michigan game. Seconds later the Buckeyes tie the game.

:23 in the first quarter:
Tuitama audibles, gets the snap off somehow and gets the first down on 3rd and 16.

:00 in the first quarter:
Big Earl with the touchdown. He is so open that he is able to turn around, wait for the ball and take several steps backwards before turning back around and rumbling for the score. 14-3 Cats lead at Autzen.

14:42 in the second quarter:
Steward with a huge run of 43 and Oregon is driving.

14:19 in the second quarter:
Larsen overshoots a receiver, but is strong enough to bring him down with one arm.

13:18 in the second quarter:
Oregon answers, Jeremiah Johnson runs right through the Arizona defense for the score. Special teams mishaps have benefited each team. The Cats recovered the muffed punt, while the Ducks got great field position from a kickoff out of bounds.

12:54 in the second quarter:
We have a Terrell Reese sighting. The freshman nabs eight yards on WR screen.

10:35 in the second quarter:
Cats come up short on third and one, but Folk booms the punt and Devin Ross makes a huge stick.

9:32 in the second quarter:
Klyce with a pick. He was third string, maybe fourth to begin the season. Think the Cats have some DB depth?

9:15 in the second quarter:
Cats go with the halfback option but Henry does not have the throw and instead tucks it in and runs. He loses two, but that is better than an interception.

6:50 in the second quarter:
Touchdown Ohio State, thanks to a 52-yard burst up the middle.

6:18 in the second quarter:
Chris Henry has figured it out. He takes a bubble screen, makes a number of moves, goes across the field and goes in for the score.

4:23 in the second quarter:
Ronnie Palmer grabs a tipped pass for the pick. Shades of that play against Cal.

3:49 in the second quarter:
Adam Austin is in the game, no word on what happened to Tuitama (after the game we found out that it was blurred vision after a hit. He will play against ASU)

1:40 in the second quarter:
Henry Is horse collared and slow to get up. The good news is that he just gained about 20 yards.

:37 in the second quarter:
Cats run on third and four at the 10 and don't get close. They will settle for another field goal. They are only up 14. I know they have Austin in the game, but I think you need to throw the ball, especially with Henry still out.

At The Half
Cats have better numbers than the Ducks in every category except penalties. So far they have 4 for 40. Oregon has one for just five.

14:49 in the third quarter:
A new wrinkle for the Wildcat offense. Chris Jennings is at fullback. Henry goes in motion and they hand off to Jennings for a gain of nine.

13:33 in the third quarter:
Austin throws two consecutive incompletions. That gives the Cats three for game. Tuitama was 8-9 before leaving the game.

10:12 in the third quarter:
Apparently the Ducks figured out something at the half for the offense because suddenly they are able to run for the first time since the game's opening drive.

8:46 in the third quarter:
Cats gold on third and one and should force a field goal…except the Ducks will go for it on fourth down.

8:07 in the third quarter:
The Cats swarm to the ball and stuff the run. The Cats will take over around the 30.

6:27 in the third quarter:
Another turnover! Dominic Patrick recovers another muffed punt. Arizona will take over at the 11. Mike Bellotti looks like someone just asked him to solve a complex math equation without a calculator. Needless to say he didn't see this one coming.

5:14 in the third quarter:
It looked like Jennings was going to walk into the endzone, but a second straight false start wiped it out. Graniello jumped a split second too early, negating a HUGE hole for the JC transfer to run through.

3:46 in the third quarter:
Arizona settles for a field goal. Normally I'd be upset over the conservative play calling but as off as Austin has been, I'll take the points and extending the lead.

3:12 in the third quarter:
Oregon just muffed the kickoff. They recover but you have to wonder what is going on? The sun is not out and you'd assume they'd be used to fielding kicks under an overcast sky. Maybe Nick Folk is putting some kind of voodoo spin on the ball today.

1:16 in the third quarter:
A short Oregon punt. The Wildcats have good field position. They should, at the least, be able to milk more clock and maybe more.

:38 in the third quarter:
Troy Smith makes his first mistake. Michigan with a huge interception and they will take over in great field position.

:06 in the third quarter:
Everyone in the state of Oregon knows that Chris Henry was getting the ball. The Ducks seem to have about 27 in the box but the line opens up a hole you could drive a truck through and Henry is gone. He had to shrug off one tackler and then had about 60 open yards ahead of him.

11:24 in the fourth:
Brady Leaf is in for Denis Dixon but it does not seem to matter as his first pass is not even close.

11:01 in the fourth:
The Cats force their sixth turnover of the game, this time it is Spencer Larsen with the pick. Leaf was pressured and instead of taking the sack he throws a really bad, off-balanced pass that Larsen is able to snag.

6:33 in the fourth:
Not sure what happened at the end of that drive because we were watching a commercial featuring a flying truck. In protest my next car purchase will certainly not be a flying truck.

6:19 in the fourth:
Arizona is flagged for pass interference. That is the most offense we've seen from the Ducks since early in the third quarter.

5:58 in the fourth:
Wilrey is about two inches away from the seventh Oregon turnover and a possible td. If he was 6-0 he probably snags it, but as it stands the Oregon defender was able to grab the ball off of Fontenot's fingertips.

4:46 in the fourth:
Cats hold on 4th and 12. After breaking up the pass Klyce and Fontenot do a little dance. I'm guessing these guys are gaining confidence.

4:45 in the fourth:
Michigan scores. It is 35-31 in favor of Ohio State. Think this one is living up to the hype?

0:00 in the fourth:
It is over. The Cats are bowl eligible and the ASU/UA game could mean a whole lot. Who would have thought three weeks ago we'd seriously be thinking bowl at this point?

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