Game Log: Cats better than Dogs

It was tempo vs. tempo. Speed vs. scheme. Patience vs. performance. In the end the Wildcats' superior athletes and a pesky zone won out over a Samford team that could be a factor in the OVC.

Prior to the game:
Prince is not in uniform. Officially an announcement will be made after the game 19:54 in the first
It is just six second in and the Cats are already at the line.

19:40 in the first
Cats are out in the 2-3 zone in an effort to nullify the slowdown offense of Samford. Samford plays the "Princeton-style" that is about as fast paced as paint drying.

16:40 in the first
We just learn on the television broadcast that Samford is the largest private school in the state of Alabama. I don't think I can name another private school in Alabama.

15:30 in the first
Shakur with a great pass to Williams who gets an easy dunk. The Cats are out early, no great surprise early. Now they need to finish. 12-5 Arizona.

11:53 in the first
The good news for Samford is the Wildcats are only on pace for about 85 points. The bad news is that the Wildcats are up 11.

10:35 in the first
Want to break down the zone? Hit a deep three like Samford did. That last one was from about 22 feet.

10:03 in the first
Your first reserve of the night? Daniel Dillon. We'll see if he gets more than five minutes tonight.

9:23 in the first
With their length and quickness, the zone could be very effective for the Wildcats. With work their man-to-man defense could be outstanding.

9:00 in the first
Williams has 12 points and six rebounds. Don't think Lute will be sitting him down tonight.

8:10 in the first
Brielmaier is in the game. He got six stitches after the cut on Sunday. His one question for the doctors was whether he could work out on Monday. That is the type of attitude you want.

5:26 in the first
Chase gets into the lane and scores. My friend John "ZonaBalla" Jones text messages me to see if the #34 jerseys are on sale yet.

5:00? in the first
No clock on the television. The Cats have just doubled up the Bulldogs 32-16.

2:45 in the first
Wise with a three and there is a foul underneath. Cats will keep the ball and McClellan scores off of a Wise miss. They now lead 40-16.

1:55 in the first
The bank is open late on Wednesday night for Budinger. He uses the glass for a jumper. Cats lead 42-16.

9.5 in the first
Samford brings in a full line change. Three new players are in. They will not get to 20 for the half. They are shooting less than 20%. The "Princeton offense" is not real conducive to a big comeback. 0:00 in the first
The Cats go into the locker room up 46-18. Now they need to keep playing hard and not let the Bulldogs come back.

19:26 in the second
Ivan with not one, but two offensive rebounds on the possession. Lute will love that kind of aggression.

17:30 in the second
Samford is on a 6-2 run to open the half.

17:10 in the second
Cats answer with a McClellan drive. Still, not the fast start you'd like to see to the half.

12:00 in the second
Chase just blocked a shot like he was spiking a volleyball. The shooter went up and the ball beat the shooter back to the floor.

10:38 in the second
Wise takes the charge. He hits hard, but he looks just fine. It may make up for the bad shot he took on the other end.

10:08 in the second
Shakur is currently stuck at 999 career points.

9:42 in the second
A finger roll gives him his 1000th point. He is the 40th Wildcat to do that.

9:10 in the second
Shakur was stuck on 999 since the first half but he has just hit back to back buckets. He's also pushing double figures in assists.

8:14 in the second
Hill is on the board. Chase drives the baseline then gives it up to Hill who is able to lay it in while in traffic.

7:45 in the second
The bad news is that the Wildcats have surrendered seven three pointers in the half.

4:08 in the second
The Bulldogs are on their way to shattering the McKale record for three-point attempts. LaSalle had 39 in 1994. While I was typing this they took their 40th.

2:36 in the second
Jordan Hill with a great power move to the hoop. The only problem is that the shot is blocked. He grabs the loose ball, makes an athletic move and is fouled.

1:30 in the second
Stop! Bagga time!

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