The randomness of it all

We go around the horn. A little national football, a little Wildcat hoops and some Wildcat football. Just my thoughts and opinions on a few subjects.

BCS Championship
I used to be all for as big of a play off as you could get, but more and more I am in favor of a "plus one" system. Either do a four team play off, incorporating the bowls OR go back to the old system of having conference affiliations with the New Years Day bowls. I miss watching bowl games all day on New Years and not knowing who was the national champ until the Sugar and Orange bowls concluded late that night.

Just think about it. You'd have USC against Ohio State in the Orange. Florida vs. Michigan in the Sugar Bowl and Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame in the Orange and LSU vs. Boise State/Louisville in the Fiesta. Then after the smoke cleared we'd take the "best two" to play a week later.

As it stands I think the BCS got it right. In my mind Florida is more deserving than Michigan. I would not be outraged if Michigan went to Tempe, they are a GREAT team, but Florida had the better season. So many people point to the fact that Michigan has the better loss, and I agree, but the Gators have the better wins. Michigan beat solid teams in Notre Dame and Wisconsin, and the rest were mediocre to bad. Iowa, Penn State and others may be bowl teams, but Georgia and Tennessee are better.

Florida beat LSU and Arkansas, on par or better than Notre Dame and Wisconsin, plus they had to play in the tough SEC. I give the nod to the team with the better overall schedule.

Sonny Dykes
It is not official, but it is a done deal. Sonny Dykes will be the new offensive coordinator for the Wildcats. He should be in place as you read this but nothing will be announced until Friday.

All indications are that Dykes will be the sole coordinator, not sharing the play calling duties with anyone else. Although he is expected to bring a lot of what Texas Tech does, I don't think we will see a perfect copy of the Red Raider pass happy offense. My guess is we will see the spread, but a scheme more similar to what BYU tries to run. My guess a 65-35 pass-run mix. Not the 80-20 mix at Tech.

Coaching Changes
We've heard various reports on the number of Wildcats assistants that could be let go. One Tucson paper speculated that the entire offensive staff could be replaced. Don't be shocked if the opposite doesn't happen. It is conceivable that no one other than Mike Canales goes. If changes are made it would be more like one or two coaches, not the remaining four.

It has been bought up before, but it must be stated again. The replay officials at the Oregon/Oklahoma game changed the landscape of college football. At least three programs were affected. The big difference would be that Arizona and not Oregon would likely be playing in a bowl game. Both teams would be 6-6 and you'd have one team losing its last three games and the other winning three of four games.

Oklahoma has even more to complain about. Had the Sooners not lost, they'd be 12-1 and in consideration for the BCS Championship game. More than likely they'd be ranked fourth, but they'd be in the mix. Even with the loss Bob Stoops has to be among those being named Coach of the Year. He lost his QB, his RB and has a banged up offensive line. I'd put him on the list with Greg Schiano of Rutgers, Lloyd Carr of Michigan, Chris Peterson of Boise State and a few others.

Mustafa Shakur
He may be one of the most maligned players in school history. Considering he's a good kid, a decent player and has never been in trouble he is really disliked by some fans. He may never live up to the hype of being the nation's top PG recruit, but he's having a nice year.

After seven games he has 56 assists. That's eight a game. The Cats have at least 24 games left and likely more. If he was to average just seven assists a game the rest of the way, he'd have the third best season in school history, trailing just Russell Brown and Reggie Geary. Although seven is a tough number to maintain, the odds are that the Cats will play closer to 30 more games than 24.

Even after an eight assist night against Illinois, callers on the Wildcat postgame show were all over Shakur. One went so far as to say that Shakur was "lucky" on seven of the eight assists. Maybe you can get lucky on one or two assists, but seven? Come on. Shakur may never be as good as Mike Bibby or Damon Stoudamire, but he's not a terrible player.

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