Stoops on Dykes, season in review

Mike Stoops had been due for his end of the year press conference, but decided to schedule it at the same time he announced the hiring of a new offensive coordinator. Here are highlights from the press gathering.

Opening Statement:"We were not able to get into a bowl game. We didn't finish the way we would have liked. The kids are disappointed, but we didn't do enough good things in the last game, and got outplayed and didn't play very well and coach well."

"The teams we lost to were a combined 47-26."

"We played out of 5 of 6 games where were very competitive. Some of our flaws showed up in those games. You look at them from the five we lost we didn't give up any more than 28 points. But we scored 14, 7, 14, 10 and 3. You see some of the problems showed up in some of those losses."

We were second in the Pac-10 in scoring defense… Obviously our deficiency offensively caught up to us in a very competitive league."

On hiring Sonny Dykes:

"It brings some fresh ideas and new enthusiasm and a great pedigree. He has been well groomed to do this job and in a tough conference. I have been on both sides of the offense, coaching with it and coaching against it. I know how tremendously difficult it is when it is run right and you put the right players in position. It can be a really lethal offense. It has been productive against the best teams. We won a national championship at Oklahoma under mark mangini, who took over for mike leach. I have seen this system work in a lot of different ways. It is very effective and very sound. You can run it and slant it any way you want to fit your personnel. that is just what we are going to do over the next eight months, nine months."

‘We will look at our personnel and see how it fits the players we have in the program at this time. I am awfully excited. He brings great credibility to our program. We feel good about that hire. That is for sure. The rest of the staff we are kind of holding."

On the role of former co-coordinator Dana Dimel:

"There will be some alignment based on sonny's expertise. probably coach quarterbacks, but we are still working on how we are going to structure everything."

How the current talent fits the new offense:

"Very well. he watched our kids play a week ago when he was here and really likes our athleticism and our players. This is a system that ha proven itself over the test of time. When you play Texas and Oklahoma and score like they can, believe me, and I don't know what they put on Cal a couple of years ago, 50, 54 in the holiday bowl. Believe me I have coached against it. I have seen what byu has done in two years."

"I think it sets up well for us. We have a lot of work to do over the next eight months but we will get it done."

On the role of the run in the new offense:

"I think you have extremes. Mike (Leach, Texas Tech head coach) was an extremists in one area, Robert (Anae, BYU offensive coordinator) ran the ball more. They had 1,000 yard rushers in each place. They have 1,000 yard rushers in each place. That is a misconception of what you want to do. You do what your talent permits you to do. We will evaluate every person on our offensive team that will make us effective moving the football. There is a lot of flexibility in any offense or defense. That is coaching. that is what we need to utilize the best players we can to put them in the best positions."

"Tech did things a lot different then the guys at BYU. We will probably be somewhere in between. We will probably be in a lot of two backs. Mike (Leach) did not like a lot of two backs. he was 4 wides a lot of the time. BYU is more tight end, two-back, there is a lot of flexibility."

On whether he looked for the person or the scheme when he searched for a new offensive coordinator:

"I think you find somebody who fits you. Me and Sonny we see things a lot a lot. His beliefs are a lot like mine, and he comes from the same family structure. This is the right place for him at the right time. Sometimes you have to get out from underneath the guy who has been there and done that. Sonny will gain a stronger reputation by this. He will flourish and I have no question about his ability to coach. and bringing new light to our offense."

He comes from a place where a lot of times you had to outscore people. That is different. We are never going to change who we are defensively. I trust who I am, and I trust Mark (Stoops) and Tim Kish. I trust (all) those guys, I have coached defense every place we have been. We will not become a finesse team. We will be a tough team. Sonny believes in the same things and will put us institutions where we have to defend things we will see."

You can win a whole bunch of games. If we can get some points on the board we will get a chance to win."

On how tough the new system will be to pick up:

"It is like any system, it gets down to repetitions and getting the right work. Our defense is very multiple in the way we attack. We have good personnel. They will get a good look all spring. Kids are going to have to work hard, and I think they will be really excited about the changes. Our players will have to spend a great deal of time with it between now and the spring and over the summer with it and back into camp. That is the great thing about it. You can work it all year round. the quarterbacks will spend time with sonny until we get going. I think we will be fine."

On how Willie Tuitama fits in the new system:

"He is exactly the kind of guy you want in it. That is the great thing. Everything is in front of the quarterback. I think he will flourish. he can play in the shotgun, he can play under center. I think all of our quarterback fit this system."

On how much he has been dwelling on the ASU game:

"You look at the overall year, but the last game sticks with you in a funny way. Sometimes the losses hurt more than the wins feel good. Maybe that is just how I am. We certainly have to continue our improvement."

‘We have to find ways to put more points on the board. We will flourish in this system."

On how the quarterback is protected in the spread:

"I think they threw 600 times and got sacked 15 times. That is a pretty good ratio, That is important. They (the line) see everything coming and who is protected and who is not. They have wider line splits and give the quarterback more time to throws. There are some unique things about it. The throwing lanes are much bigger. It is a very unique, but very effective and will fit our personnel very, very well."

On what kind of lineman is needed in the system:

"Good linemen are good linemen, in any system. The line is the line, pass blocking is pass blocking, run blocking is run blocking. We just need to continue to grow. Our offensive line needs to get bigger and stronger. In a years period of time the freshmen have grown up a lot in this experience."

On the basic philosophy of the offense:

"It is predicated on people dropping a bunch of guys trying to stop the pass. The run game is something that we will have to work on separately."

"It translates into points anywhere it has been. If we can average in the 30s, which it has everywhere it has been, that is a lot better than 14. If we had scored 30 points (a game) we would have probably won 10 games this year, maybe 11."

On Tuitama's health status:

"We are going to Pittsburgh to have certain things evaluated and see where that takes us. hopefully rest will deal with that."

"I am optimistic. Willie feels great right now. we have not had him do anything physically since the season. We have not had any post concussion syndrome. that has been very positive. We are optimistic and I'm sure Willie is too. We are hoping for the best."

On the team as a whole:

"We are not far off. We can heave a healthy and safe off season and work hard. We have to get a lot accomplished. it is going to be tough for the offensive guys to get in there and learn. We will be well prepared. When it comes to Sept. 1 we will be well prepared to play byu, I will tell you that, I know that for a fact. that is the one thing I do know."

On whether Antoine Cason will enter the draft:

"With Anotine, as great as he is, I think he can always play better and position himself better. I want to position him where he is guaranteed or pretty much a first or second rounder. I don't know what his status is at this time. I would think he is a first day guy, a late second or third rounder. There is a lot of money lost in the first and third round. You can help yourself by staying in school if you improve yourself."

On the draft stock of Michael Johnson:

"I think he is definitely a first day guy. A lot of people like his athletic ability is second to none for a safety."

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