Sonny Dykes discusses offense

Sonny Dykes was officially announced as the Wildcats' new offensive coordinator on Friday. He wasted no time in describing the new offense to the media. Here are the highlights of that discussion.

On the philosophy of the offense:

"The philosophy is really to try to score as many point as you can and use the players and the talent you have to the best and get the most out of those guys. I think what you have to do when you go some place, you have to figure out what you've got, what the players can do and what is the best way to be successful. As an offensive philosophy that is what we do. We try to get the best 11 guys on the field and in a position where you don't have to think a lot, you can go out there and play fast and use their abilities and teach them a lot of fundamentals."

"There is a misconception about our offense that it is a tricky, trick offense and we are trying to trick people. Really what we are trying to do is go out there and out execute people."

"When I'm off the road recruiting I have to look at the personnel, and then try to figure out the best way to get these guys into position to be successful."

"I like the speed and athleticism of the football team. I think the staff has done an excellent job recruiting. I know there are a lot of good young players."

We have to get the ball to these playmakers and go out and make plays."

How the offense improved at Texas Tech:

"Consistency is the main thing. We had a consistent philosophy. We went out and practice the same way every day. When we weren't successful we believed in what we were doing. We went out and improved day in and day out. you have to resist the temptation to try to change things. You have to have something to hang your hat on offensively. We have to sit down and figure out what we can do, what our players can do and what our quarterback is capable of and then figure out what is the best thing to be successful."

On accepting the job:

"This is just a special opportunity. Having played against coach Stoops at Oklahoma, I love the passion he has for football and his players play with tremendous passion. That is something I want to be a part of." "I felt it is a program that is on the edge of doing a lot of great things. It was really an easy decision."

On how defenses try to defend the spread:

"When you go someplace and you are going to throw the ball, on the front end they will try to come after you and blitz you all the time and see what you can do and how well you can protect the quarterback, which is obviously going to be a key for our success early, getting the ball out of his hands and then make some plays. You need receivers that can go up 1 on 1 and make plays with the ball."

"We saw a lot of blitzing and a lot of aggressive defense. As we improved we saw less and less of that. Texas for example used to play us with a lot of man to man coverage. One year I think we threw for 640 yards against Texas. All of a sudden you didn't; see any more man coverage for two or three years. Defenses are constantly going to challenge you and you have to adjust a little bit."

We used to see a lot of man, now we see a lot of zone, drop 8 kind of thing. It varies from team to team. last year we played Alabama in the Cotton Bowl, they played a lot of man coverage, that was something we hadn't seen in awhile. It took our players a little bit of time to adjust to it, but once we did we started moving the ball, it was just a little late in the game."

You have to try to mesh your offense with your football team. the overall thing you want to do is win games. They play great defense here at Arizona, for us to go into a game and say we are going to throw the ball 70 times in a game probably doesn't make a lot of sense. We are going to do what we are going to do, but we have to understand that game management is going to help you win. We have to be able to adjust the offense to give ourselves the best chance to win."

"Robert (Anae) went to BYU, he ran the ball a little more, and used his personnel well and had two good running backs. They were more two-backs, and had an excellent tight end. They had more of a tight end based offense. That is the process we are in now, evaluating the players and determining what gives us the best chance to win.'

On how much (or how little) the run factors into the offense:

"The most productive position year in and year out needs to be the F position, the running back. I think this past year, Shannon Woods averaged 6.2 yards per carry. When we do run the ball we are very efficient at running it. That is something we need to be."

Our offense, our quarterback, is going to have the freedom to check run when he has it. You are trying to spread the field and give guys the opportunity too make plays and get the field spread and get the ball in people's hands who can do it.'

"I think the biggest thing is the players enjoy playing in the offense. it gives you a chance to recruit a different level of player. guys are interested in doing this. I can sit down with a receiver and say, look 2004 we had three 1,000 yard receivers, or sit down with a quarterback that we had a guy who threw for 5,833 yards. It gives you a chance to go out and recruit guys."

On how much he knows about the current personel:

"Mike Thomas. I wanted to get even with him for coming here. I told him things have a funny way of working out. I am excited about Willie. I have heard great things about him as a player. He is a winner. You look at the record for when he starts a game and finishes a game they have won a lot of game. That is a tribute to Willie and what he brings to this football team."

On if he feels any extra pressure:

" This is a work in progress. We are not going to go out there and be the No. 1offense in the country, probably in a year. We would like to be, but that is not probably going to happen. You have to understand it is about going to work every day and improving and getting better at what you do every single day."

"We will have a sense at the end of spring training about where we are headed and how quickly we can get there. Our players are going to enjoy the way we practice and the consistently in the way we are coached and the simplicity of the offense."

"At Texas tech we felt pressure at times we needed to score a lot to win football games. as an offense that is always your goal, you want to sore as many points as you possibly can, but I am excited about the prospects of having some short fields and the defense creating turnovers. I know coach stoops teams at Oklahoma prided themselves on playing aggressive and creating a lot of turnovers. I know we turned it over a bunch every year we played them."

"Our offense is completely 100 percent stolen ideas. There is no original thought at.. We take plays that have been successful and find a way to package them. The big things we try to do is focus on practice and teach the fundamentals of the game. Being able to throw and catch and quarterback understanding space and all those things gives you a chance to be successful throwing the ball."

You want them to go out there and play fast and not give them too much of an opportunity to think too fast."

On the importance of practice to learn the offense:

" I think reps are critical. I talk to guys all the time, if you want to be a good baseball player you have to get a lot of at bats if you want to be a good hitter. Every time your quarterback throws and receiver runs a route those guys are getting an at bat. In every at bat those guys improve a little bit. For us we have to go out and get as many balls in the air and get as many receivers running routes as we possibly can, and particularly up front show those offensive line every possible look." "it is important you get those guys comfortable and acclimated as quickly as possible."

On whether the scheme can be completely implemented next year:

"I think that remains to be seen. We are going to put in our stuff. We are not a real complicated offense. We want to be simple and be able to execute what we do and execute it well. We will probably put in 90-95 percent by the first year and then as we get guys to play in the system more we will give them a little more freedom."

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