UA unveils new logos

The UofA unveiled a new "branding campaign" by showcasing a number of new logos and icons. The block "A" logo is still the main logo, but a uniform font and style has been adapted by the entire athletic department to showcase the Arizona product.

Unlike the $30,000 "A" which debuted in 1989, the new logos were designed with the help of Nike as part of the university's contract with the shoe and apparel company. The emphasis was on the uniqueness of Arizona, and less on the fairly common "Wildcat" moniker.

A logoLogo, Logo

The athletic department will use a customized font called "Bear Down Bold" which is derived from the University's official Friz Quadrata font. The plan has been in the works for two years and many of the programs started using the new font a year ago.

The department wants to promote consistancy and a recognition of Arizona.

"We want people to know it's the University of Arizona," said athletic director Jim Livengood.

"We want quick identification," stressed John Mackovic. "Having something unique is so important. We want people to be able to identify the coaches and athletes as being from Arizona.


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