Rodgers Stays Hot in Thursday Night's Pickup

Chris Rodgers was the standout performer Thursday night during the pickup games at McKale Center with his outside shooting display. Fellow freshman Hassan Adams led everyone in scoring and was once again the highlight machine with his array of dunks. Chris Dunn and Isaiah Fox showed up for the games for the first time also.

-Box Score-
Hassan Adams: 37 points, 5 rebs, 2 stls (18-26 FG; 1-4 3s); seven dunks.
Dennis Latimore: 31 pts, 12 rebs, 2 asts (14-24; 3-4)
Chris Rodgers: 30 pts, 3 asts, 4 stls (11-19; 8-13)
Channing Frye: 24 pts, 14 rebs, 3 asts, 1 stl, 5 blks (12-19; 0-1)
Jason Gardner: 22 pts, 6 rebs, 11 asts, 1 stl (10-19; 2-5)
Andre Iguodala: 18 pts, 12 rebs, 3 asts, 2 stls, 3 blks (8-16; 2-7); three dunks.
Isaiah Fox: 8 pts, 4 rebs (4-5 FGs)
Chris Dunn: 4 pts, 6 rebs (2-5; 0-2)

*Luke Walton sat the night's games out to rest. He observed the action on the sidelines along with Murph and quite a few football players getting ready for their scrimmage.

*Former UNLV guard Terrell Jamerson (purple shorts guy) started once again and played for the first 20 minutes or so. Also making part-time appearances were Jason Ranne, Fil Torres and former Wildcat walk-on John Ash.

*The teams basically consisted of Gardner, Iguodala, Chris Walton and Channing Frye against Rodgers, Adams, Dunn and Latimore. The other guys rotated in and out and a few of the regular eight listed players switched teams towards the end of the games.

*Chris Rodgers-The "Mad Bomber" started off hot from beyond the arc and never really cooled down. He has made 15 of 25 threes over the past two nights and averaged 29.5 points per session. Plays solid on-the-ball defense even when guarding Jason Gardner. His ballhandling is sticky but there is absolutely no question that he will get whistled for a number of carries if he tries some of his moves in games. But his shot (however quirky it looks) is something to behold. Definitely a shooting guard with point guard potential.

*Hassan Adams-Even with his seven hyper-athletic dunks, he still scored a relatively "quiet" 37 points. Got into the lane at will but didn't always score thanks to Channing Frye's presence. However, he did have some great lay-ins and acrobatic finishes in traffic. Dunks everything left-handed for some reason. Had one where he did a two-handed reverse windmill. I'd say his strength is in his mid-range game, not beyond the arc, although his shot is pretty and he's an above average outside shooter.

*Andre Iguodala-Makes an impact in every area of the game. He scores on the break, on the drive, on pull-ups from 15-feet, on alley-oops and occasionally from downtown as well. He is a very aggressive rebounder offensively and defensively, plays tremendous defense on the ball and in the passing lanes and has deceptively good passing skills. Can block shots in transition pretty well, too. In my opinion, Iguodala has the best first step at Arizona since Michael Dickerson left town.

*Dennis Latimore-Night and day from Wednesday's performance. Thursday, he looked like Arizona fans all hoped he would look from Day One as a Wildcat. He dunked over some guys again, played aggressively underneath while displaying quick post moves and then hit a very high percentage of his shots from 15-feet on out, including three of four threes. Obviously his strength is a huge plus in the rebounding department but his athleticism is much improved also. Going for 31 and 12 anywhere is pretty impressive, especially when it's against Channing Frye.

*Jason Gardner-The senior All-American point guard must be in Heaven with all of the new athletes around him. His assist numbers will almost surely go up this year. He had a session-high 11 dimes Thursday, most of which went to Frye and/or Iguodala. He threw a lovely half-court lob to Adams later in the night when the teams switched up. For the most part it seems as though Jason is in a hurry to get to the start of the actual season. He's all business on the floor but rarely does he go all out. If he is going 100%, he sure makes it look easy. He's the Man among the rest of the boys.

*Channing Frye-Just like Tuesday and Wednesday, Channing was basically unstoppable with the ball in his hands on offense. His new and improved left-handed baby hook will be a nice weapon for him to go along with his shooting range and aggressive post moves inside. His 14 rebounds were the high on the night, as were his five blocked shots.

*Chris Dunn-As advertised, he needs some weight. A redshirt year should do wonders for the gifted athlete from Hobbs, New Mexico. He grabbed six boards in limited action but short-armed a few threes and looked rusty offensively. It's clear that he has the most room for improvement over the course of the next year (or four). Even with his slight build, he's not afraid to get in the action and mix it up. Very aggressive while going for a rebound. Team didn't really pass him the ball much.

*Isaiah Fox-I thought he was impressive on offense Thursday. He was nimble around the basket while avoiding Frye's long arms and scored on four of his five shot attempts. Still doesn't have the explosiveness off the floor but he does have the intelligence to know how to position himself for rebounds. Showed up later than most of the other guys and played the least of the regulars because of it. Looks about the same as he did at the end of last season but with less body fat (I'd guess he's still hovering around 270 or so).

**Final Note:
--Rodgers politely declined Cattracks' interview request Thursday night.

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