Game Log: Cats over Bears

It was one of those games where you blink and the Wildcats suddenly have a 20-point lead. Blink again and you miss the Bears making a comeback. It was a game of runs, although the Wildcats were clearly the better team, no matter what the final score said.

18:43 in the first
The Cats employ a sort of kooky zone. Not quite a straight 2-3. The tactic works as the Cats get the steal and Mustafa Shakur races down the court. He was fouled on the lay-in attempt and gets the foul shots.

18:34 in the first
Cats go with the full court press and McClellan gets the steal. Every year the Cats try to employ the zone early in the season and dump it within a month. This year we have not seen it until now.

15:17 in the first
Cats haven't played in eight days and it shows. They are not terrible, but they do seem to be a bit off timing wise. Although they have practiced, you can't duplicate game conditions.

13:43 in the first
Cats already have seven turnovers. Lute wants 14 or less, but they are on pace for over 20.

11:49 in the first
Cats are lagging on defense and Cal has taken advantage. They go up by five, having made 4-5 from behind the arc. This is one of the problems with the zone, you give up a lot of looks from three-point land.

7:17 in the first
Great board by Brielmaier. He gets off the ground and then rips the ball away from a Cal player. To be honest, I did not know that BB could jump that high.

7:16 in the first
A little home cooking at McKale? The Wildcats have shot seven fouls shots to Cals' zero. The number is not so bad when you consider that Arizona is in the zone and the Bears are settling for jumps shots.

3:22 in the first
Cats have made nine of their last 10 field goals and are pulling away. They are just better than the Bears, even when playing sloppy early on.

2:20 in the first
Ryan Anderson has three fouls, that could be big trouble for the Bears. They are having trouble competing with him on the floor, it could get a lot worse with him sitting on the bench with foul trouble.

1:28 in the first
The two teams just traded threes, two each in fact. It almost looks like a game of HORSE.

1:01 in the first
McClellan just made the Wildcats' third three in a row.

:05 in the first
Cats finally miss a three, but all told they are shooting 72%. Yes, you read that right 72% from the field. Most of us couldn't hit 72% alone in a gym.

:15:11 in the second
The Cats lead by 20 and are just methodical. They pass so well and have great patience on offense. They are really unselfish. I guess it is safe to say that no one is jealous or trying to hard to "be the man".

13:08 in the second
This one has been over for awhile, but we could be getting out of hand quickly. Cats just had a breakaway where they outnumbered Cal 3-1.

10:45 in the second
How good are things going for the Cats? They are 19-22 insider the arc.

10:35 in the second
Hey Duke is playing San Jose State this weekend…and it is on national television. Can't wait for that one…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

9:45 in the second
Nic Wise just had his shot swatted by Ryan Anderson into the crowd. Although Wise uses his body very well, he had no business trying to drive on a 6-10 player who has established position.

8:25 in the second
Shakur has nine assists already. That will boost the average.

8:15 in the second
Wise did not listen to me. He went right at a post player who had position. The only difference this time is that he went right down the middle of the land, and of course, made the lay-up.

6:50 in the second
Hill shows off a really nice jump hook. He takes the pass on the blocks, spins to the hoop and went high off the glass for two. Good to see.

3:39 in the second
Memo to Jordan Hill: lay-ups count the same as dunks. Hill just missed his second dunk of the game. I know he's 6-9, but there is no shame in a lay-in. Dunks don't show up in the stat book, but points do.

2:40 in the second
MoTang with a HUGE swat. Good to see him in the game.

2:28 in the second
It's Bagga Time!

1:26 in the second
Hill just tried a lay-up…a reverse lay-up. Not a great decision. I am sure he will hear about it.

48.7 in the second
Bagga and Hill work the inside-outside game. Bagga takes a pass from Hill, drives down the middle of the land and finishes with the left hand lay-in.

:00.0 in the second
This one will look much closer on the scoreboard than it actually was. Two late threes will make this a single-digit win. The Cats dominated, but will only win by nine since they cleared the bench.

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