Game Log: Cats over Cardinal

The Cats got quite a test from Stanford thanks to the play of the Lopez twins. Was this a coming out party for the two big men or is it the first chinks in the Wildcats' armor?

20:00 in the first
Fox Sports Net just spelled Lute's name O-L-S-E-N. That is totally understandable. Olson's only been coaching at Arizona for 22 years. I mean this is only the same network that has exclusive rights to the Pac-10 television contract and Olson has only been coaching in the conference for 22 years.

You know this wouldn't happen to Coach K and ESPN.

19:43 in the first
How's this for a good start. Chase nails a three from the corner just 15 seconds into the game.

17:53 in the first
Jawann nails his first three attempt. Things are looking good so far.

17:20 in the first
Ivan forgot that he's 6-10 and not the most athletic big man. He just put the ball on the floor and attempted the reverse lay-in. It was actually a really sweet move, but not much of a finish.

15:56 in the first
Williams just hit a three. The Cats have yet to miss from behind the arc.

14:22 in the first
Stanford's only hope is to get the ball inside and so far they've done a nice job. They have the height advantage and will try to use it.

12:18 in the first
Ivan just had back-to-back shots blocked by one of the Lopez's, but Ivan goes up a third time and puts it home. Great tenacity on that one, but I'm not sure that Ivan has had two shots blocked all season and he just had two shots blocked on the same possession.

11:02 in the first
Lawrence Hill has come to play in Tucson again. The Phoenix-native sure has played well in both of his trips to Tucson.

10:02 in the first
Ivan just missed a three from the top of the key. It is the first missed three-pointer of the game for the Cats.

8:22 in the first
The Cats have used the corner trap to perfection the last two possessions but have made mistakes on the break. They got a steak on the last two trips but missed open men on the break each time down. Uncharacteristic of the Cats.

7:59 in the first
Landry Fields nails a three. I don't want to say he looks young, but he looks more like a freshman in high school than a college freshman.

1:48 in the first
Ivan with the lob to Williams, who lays it in. This team just passes so well. I think we can start mentioning this group with the likes of 1988, 1998 and 2001 in terms of passing.

:25.1 in the first
Stanford looked cooked, but the Cardinal is on a 7-0 run and are within five.

16:37 in the second
The stripes on the neck of the new Stanford uniforms looks kind of like a collar. Like a big, 1970's collar. Kind of a strange actually.

14:41 in the second
The Cats deflect not one, but two passes on the possession, both of which go right back the Stanford. A third pass is thrown off a Wildcat's foot. Stanford can't seem to throw a pass on this trip without hitting a Wildcat.

14:10 in the second
Stanford has a chance to take the lead. The Cardinal are eating the Cats up on the inside and dominating the offensive glass.

14:02 in the second
Robin Lopez knocks down two free throws and the Cardinal take the lead. That did not seem possible when the Cats could not miss from the outside in the second half. The Cats have scored just six points so far this half.

13:02 in the second
The Cats still have just six points and to make matters worse, Marcus Williams just picked up his fourth foul.

12:38 in the second
Stanford is killing Arizona down low. They are on an 18-6 run. Even when the Cardinal miss they get the put back. That is why having a pair of athletic 7-footers is always useful.

11:48 in the second
Shakur seemed to make a bad decision, but makes a huge play. He pulls-up for a three pointer just seconds into the possession but drains the shot and the game is tied at 61.

6:41 in the second
The other secret to Stanford's second half success? They have not let the Wildcats shoot from the outside. In the first half the Cats made 7-8 from behind the arc. They have taken just two this half.

3:58 in the second
Tough day for Fred Washington. He caught took a shot to the throat while trying to take a charge and just now took an elbow to the head.

3:34 in the second
According to my friend Terry Brook Lopez looks a little bit like a seven-foot version of Justin Timberlake. Insert your own "Bringing the Sexy Back" joke here.

1:03 in the second
How good does the UA move without the ball? Shakur just had two WIDE OPEN cutters on the baseline. Williams gets the pass over McClellan and he lays it in for an easy bucket.

32.5 in the second
Shakur gets the steal and instead of passing, throws down the big dunk. A little more selfish than we are used to, but the slam gets the crowd on their feet. Just a few minutes ago this game was in doubt, now the Cats are up by double figures.

22.5 in the second
This time Shakur dishes on the break to McClellan who in turn passes it off the backboard to Williams for the slam. Give the Cats extra style points on that one.

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